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HR recruitment and selection process

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Task 5 Describe the recruitment and selection process in the chosen organisation from application to appointment, and the documentation used, comparing what each document contributes to the process. Vodafone's recruitment process: Candidates have to apply online and then they receive a email that there application is in the process of being reviewed and then candidate is called and asked questions relevant to the job that they applied for. Stage 1 Staffs decide to leave, or company is in need of more staff in order for it to function this is how a vacancy arises. Leaving staff hand in their letter of resignation and an exit interview is conducted in order to make changes to the company. Company decide if they need to fill a vacancy or not. Stage 2 Draft of vacancy advert is finalised and prepare for publication. ...read more.


Application Form The benefits of this document to the company is that it saves the organisation time as it asks direct questions from the start e.g. are you eligible to work in the UK? Do you have over 2 year's customer service experience? if applicant doesn't meet the criteria then they are no longer able to proceed with the application. However the downsides are that they are costly and very standardised. Curriculum Vitae (CV) The downside of this document is that it might not have as much info on it. It is very time consuming and some will have to thrown in the bin as a result of this. However it gives company an overview of the candidate's personality, experience, contact information and qualifications. Personal Specification This document is straight to the point and tells the employer what kind of person the organisation is looking for and allows the organisation to designs questions suitable for candidate. ...read more.


Candidates have to wait 14 days to be made aware of they have been shortlisted. The HR manager and candidate are involved in the interview. The candidate will they have to wait up to a week to get a response on how they did in the interview. Summery Some of these documents like a CV allow the candidate to sell themselves and give employers the chance to get to know the candidate better also gives an overview of the candidate's employment history and allow the company to deduct candidates accordingly. However such documents can be very long and time consuming. CVs are not standard whereas application forms are, application forms make it easier for both parties as it gives the employer the information that they and the employee saves time righting irrelevant information. Some documents are factual like the application form it tells the employer if candidate is eligible to work in the UK ethnicity, gender etc. application is good factual information as it is standardised. ...read more.

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