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Human Resource Management

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Unit 18 - Human Resources Management Task 1 Describe the skills profile of human resources employed in a business. The business you should base all these tasks on is one that you should have some prior knowledge of, or experience at. The business that I am going to be looking at is Toad Hall Day Nursery. The reason why I chose this business because I did my work experience at Toad Hall Day NurseryToad Hall Nursery, which has 15 nurseries throughout the country. The aim of the nursery is to provide a stimulating and friendly environment for the children that they care for. They help the children develop their social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills through active learning. This is a labour intensive business that relies on it staff to make sure that everything is done and kept up to date, and for the business to be a success I have used primary research for this task in a form of a questionnaire that helped me with some of my answers to understand what skills and qualifications might be needed to work in a nursery, enabling me to create a skills profile and identify any gaps. Primary research also helped me with how the nursery is managed and how employees work as a team in the work force. The type of work that an organisation does will affect the human resources needed and the skills that are needed as well. The nursery is a labour intensive organisation this means that they need a lot of people to achieve their aim to provide to provide a stimulating and welcoming environment for the children in it's care, designed to develop the social, emotional, physical and intellectual skills of the child through active learning. Organisation that are labour intensive need employees to maintain production and in this case need to maintain their aim of the organisation by providing and good service to parents and children and not all employees will have the same skills as their ...read more.


Promotion opportunities are important for employees to know that they will get job satisfaction and that they will be given the chance to achieve more at work and that they can have more options at work. Promotion opportunities important for employees because it gives them a sense of security that they will get job satisfaction and this will give them the opportunity to do better at work. For example at Toad Hall Day Nursery management could promote a nursery nurse to room manager and this will give the employee to be able to have more responsibility at work. This will have an impact on the employees' attendance and motivation at work. Attendance may improve because the employee will have more responsibility and the business will become more efficient because employees will look forward coming into work. Job enlargement is another motivational technique that can be used at Toad Hall Nursery to motivate the staff. This involves the employee doing extra or similar tasks to widen the employee's responsibilities and task and employee will be more enthusiastic because the tasks won't be the same and there will be less repetition of the same jobs. In Toad Hall Day Nursery employees are given the opportunity to work with children from different age groups and management normally follows the router of which employee will be looking after the three different age groups. Management could use the method of job enlargement to delegate an employee to take care of a different age group. This will motivate the employee because it allows more experience to learn new skills. Staffs are motivated to do their best when they are in a better working environment because they have a more positive and enthusiastic. At the nursery the employees are motivated in their working environment because it is a friendly and relaxed environment. This may because they are working with children and have to attract parents to the nursery by showing them that their child would benefit from this as well because it's a good influence on them as well. ...read more.


Other example of what the business could do to improve the human performance in the nursery is: * Measuring and rewarding performance * Target setting and the appraisal system * The purpose of appraisal systems * Self assessments as part of appraisals * Benchmarking * Linking pay to performances By motivating your employees it will make them work harder at work and will increase the productivity of the business. In this case if the employees at the nursery were more motivated the more employees will want to come into work and want to do their jobs. Working in a more friendly and positive environment will help to motivate the staff. Human performance can also be enhanced in the business by using target setting and the appraisal system. By setting the nursery nurses target you can measure what they have done and can see if their performance at work is meeting their targets and overall objectives of the nursery? They can also be rewarded if the employees are meeting their targets so they will be more motivated to come into work to know that they are being rewarded for their work. A target that may be set for a nursery nurse may be to make sure that all reports are filled in and have been commented on by the end of the day for parents to see how their child is progressing at the nursery. These are like appraisal where you set targets for the employees and you can use this method to measure the performance of the employees and employers target and objectives of the nursery that were set in a previous review. At the nursery there is a lot of support for the employees overall and that will motivate the working in a team and to know that they have support from the managers to help them with any issues or problems that may need addressing this is discussed every six months in the staff meeting. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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