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Human resourses

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How human resources is managed Human resources are people that work for an organisation and human resource management is involved with the management of these people. They are there to basically be the back bone of a business, maintaining and improving standards that will benefit greatly for the business. Staff to meet changing business demands They recruit qualified and suitable staff to meet changing demands of the business. This will allow the business to achieve their aims and objectives. Currently in the retail industry, technology is getting more advanced and for a business like O2, they will have to make sure their staffs are trained regularly in other to provide a quality service for the customers. This is where HRM interferes to provided that training and also make sure the staffs are consistently reassessed for both the benefit of the staff, O2 and the customers. Coordination of team resources to meet targets As important as it is to recruit suitable qualified staff for a business, it is also vital having the right resources that will be needed to complete tasks and meet their targets. ...read more.


In JD SDport8s in Bedford, managers keep a tracking system which allows them to keep records on what is going on the shop floor and in the officers in order to check the overall actual performance against planned targets. Also on the shop floor the managers usually tour around to asses how the staffs communicate with customers. Liaison with other departments For an organisation to run smoothly the departments with that organisation will have to work together. This will allow them to achieve the main goals and objectives of the organisation and also minimise conflicts between the departments. For example, the customer services depart will work closely with the human resources department to work why some of the problems mentioned by the customers in JD Sports keep reoccurring. An ideal problem could be the negative behaviour of a staff member towards customers. The customer services department will now notify HRM of the situation and the solution that HRM would come up with is to train that member of staff how to communicate with customers when the circumstances become difficult. ...read more.


They would have to be true to their opinions as well as the information being share. For example in JD sports they reward their staff if the come up with an idea like a new design for a pair of trainers. Usually these rewards are money related and in sometimes it can lead to a promotion. This action by the managers at JD sports will motivated and encourage their staff to maintain their level of work. Out sourcing verses in house decision Out sourcing can be cheaper when you employ only when the require staff is needed, so it means the organisation can be more cost effective. It is also cheap because the job will be given to a company that is best at doing the job. In the finance department in O2, they might recruit a company to company and audit their accounts or does their VAT return towards the end of every financial year. Doing this saves time for O2, allows them to focus their time on other things and be guaranteed that the job will be done. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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