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I am creating a storybook for children aged 4-6 to help them with learning and develop a creative mind; I hope to educate and entertain children with books and develop a love for books.

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GCSE ICT Short Course Coursework - Task 1a 1 INTRODUCTION I am creating a storybook for children aged 4-6 to help them with learning and develop a creative mind; I hope to educate and entertain children with books and develop a love for books. I will be making a record of all my developments on how I come to make this storybook using ICT. I will be recording how ICT helps in my task to produce this book this will all be recorded in the following template. COLLECTING INFORMATION * You need to collect a range of information from various ICT sources and non-ICT sources - eg Internet, CD ROM, Databases, Newspapers, Brochures, etc. * Fill in the following table: Information Sources How I can put it into my document Used it For Microsoft Clipart Start the clipart programme, select the image and add it to the document. Entertaining children with pictures and help them understand the story easier. Picture of koala Picture of Falcon Internet (www.zooish.com) Children's Books Copy the image from the web page and paste it into the document. Scan the image into the programme imaging and paste it into the document. Entertaining Children with pictures and help them understand the story easier. Entertaining Children with pictures. Pictures Internet, magazines etc. Copy and Paste, scan. Games Mark Target 1 * If you get pictures from newspapers and are going to scan them, then say you have scanned the picture. * Do this for each piece of information. * Include: Copies of the original information (eg newspaper page, web page, photocopy of brochure page etc), including the information you didn't include. * Print: A screenshot of the search you did to find information on the internet using at least 2 words in your search separated by AND or OR. * Print: a copy of the information you found by performing the search. ...read more.


I added this design template to all the pages to liven up the book and add quality. Numbers (found as a result of search): I made multiple prices of the book in different currency. I made different currency changes to show that this book is a worldwide retailed book and is of good value. I used 2 types of currency: �3.59 GBP and $6.63 USD according to today's currency exchange To show this book is sold worldwide. * Which page layout did you like best? Identify the best one and give reasons why. Label this on your printout. My Preferred Layout Reason My favourite page layout is the text on the left hand-side and the image on the right hand-side. I prefer this because I think this is an ergonomic design because people start to read from the left to the right hand-side. Then they can move to the right to complete the page. I think this makes the book more readable and is moreeasy to understand. Mark Target 4 * Describe the changes you have made to information that you have imported from the internet: Information from the Internet Change Made I copied the title from a book which I found on the internet. I changed the original title from 'graham's great adventure' to 'Gordon's Adventure'. I originally copied and pasted a bar code from an internet website. But then I found a bar code generator which could generate a bar code to my company name. (Zebra Productions INC).hangend e title from a book which I found on the internet.en prefer this because I think this is an ergonomic design because p Mark Target 3 Mark Target 16 * See mark targets 3-5 and 8 on page 180 and Mark Targets 16, 18 & 19 and 22 page 182/3 of your text book. 4 PRESENTING INFORMATION 4.1 Layout of Document * How have you laid out your document? ...read more.


* Write about what you have done to take care of the equipment you were using. * Write about what you have done to minimise risks to your health. * Fill in the table below with at least 3 safety issues and 3 health issues: What Precaution I Took Why I took it Health: I used wrist rests for when I was typing. I used wrist rests to prevent RSI from affecting me. Eye strain I stayed approximately 8 inches away from the monitor to prevent eyestrain. Back problems and bad posture I used a back rest with mobility to prevent back problems and bad posture. Safety: Not eating or drinking near a computer. To prevent damage to the computer and myself. Using a filter I used a filter to prevent eyestrain and damage. * Write about how you could get help with technical problems that you come across when working with ICT. Method of Help How it might help Using the help options which are part of the program. If I don't understand how to work part of the program, this option helps to make the program more; user friendly. Access technical information from useful websites. To clear up any technical problems I may have with a program etc. Use search engines to answer queries. If I have any queries about anything in ICT, a search engine would help answer any queries I or anyone may have. * Write about how you have avoided losing information. Methods used to Avoid losing Information Backing up any information on the hard disk. Backing up any information on floppy disk. Backing up any information on to magnetic tape. Screenshot of my backup: Backing up information a floppy disk. * See Mark Target 12 page 182 and Mark Target 28 page 183 of your Text Book. Mark Target 12 Mark Target 28 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Shahmoz Rafiq Page 1 of 23 ICT Coursework Task 1a ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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