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I am going to be writing about the concepts of marketing distinctiveness of the marketing mix for two organisations and also their limits.

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For this coursework I am going to be writing about the concepts of marketing distinctiveness of the marketing mix for two organisations and also their limits and all the aspects that is shown on the principles of marketing Overall concept If the company follows the marketing concept then that company does everything to the decision of customer and planning out. So before the produce the product they will look at the point of view of customers this is also referred to as market oriented business. The other form of a business is product oriented business which is when the product gets produced and with advertisements they try to get customers attention. The dissimilarity between the orientations is the following production concept and selling concept. The production concept works with the production and distribution economies. They need to manufacture their products to make it affordable for the customer also products that are already available are less expensive than products that need to be manufactured in need of the customer. For example we have Microsoft and they listened to the ideas of their customer before producing the newest inventing of Microsoft 7 which was sold to a much higher price than all the other ones. So if you wanted to upgrade your computer you had to pay an amount of more than �200. The selling concept is when they let customers decide but they actually wouldn't be interested in the product. Imagine sales people who come to your door they use some method to persuade to buy the product even if you don't need the product. As some of them can also get aggressive with persuading which makes customers afraid and as a result they have to consider the product. Also reports in the news have shown that many electricity and gas companies' whole sale people have to use these method to bring sales up. ...read more.


So what kind of products would they be likely to buy, how much would they be willing to pay? Promotions created and the location of restaurants to make it easier for everyone to reach. Marketing objectives There needs to be a plan to find out ways how objectives can be met. Objectives are the things that need to be done for an organisation to meet their aims. They can be associated with sales, share of market, sales reaching the target addressees. McDonalds breaks down all their long term objectives into shorter term targets which can be easily achieved all the way through. The shorter term targets will get analyzed frequently to make sure the objectives are being met. These feedbacks are very useful as it helps McDonalds to modify plans if it's required and become a more flexible business. Once they have set up their marketing objectives the company will consider how the objectives can be met afterwards they will set their marketing mix of the 4 P Product. There are a lot of menus items available which possible customers spend on and looking at that McDonalds can't actually see what they want and that's why the company does researches and creates a menu based on their wants. Customer needs might not change that quickly but wants change very fast and the first year the big Mac might have been popular and the year after when people got bored of it McDonalds introduced new burgers such as the angus burger and the crispy chicken wrap. Also McDonalds will continue to produce new products and changing old ones. By that means that they have to keep up with the competition and their biggest threat is Burger king. Burger kind launched a new burger called the whopper and that became very popular and McDonalds thought they were losing customers if they didn't do nothing about it, therefore they introduced the Big n tasty which looked a bit like the whopper but tasted different as the whopper had double set of burgers and the big n tasty just looked like a smaller version of it. ...read more.


The company did some market research and had found out that customers wanted to know some more about the brands of Nestle so what sugar, nutrition, calories etc.are. as many customers are more changing lifestyle and following a different diet Nestle needs to change with them to keep the current customers. So that's why the company decided to do add this information on every Nestle product so that customers would know what they were eating and drinking and how much of it so that they can prevent things such as becoming to fat. Now on every product of Nestle including the kitkat bars you can see the GDA which stands for guideline dailey amount. This were 5 symbols which show the calories, sugars, fat, saturated and salt amounts.first you can see it in grams then under you get the percentage of the whole product. These symbols help consumers make decisions about their diets and how much to eat of the certain product. this was part of Nestle responsibility to provide their customes with GDA but with this they had to pay a lot of money to get all this information and renew wrappers but if other companies did this then if Nestle didn't do this tehn they would lose customers who were changing their lifestyle and diet who would rather go to the competitor for chocolate. After this when everything was done customers were very satisfied and after a time the company got even more customers buying their product. So looking at that firstly Nestle spend a lot of money on market research then it spend a lot of money on getting the GDA for every product and then new wrappers were required and afterwards it had to promote and advertise the new idea to get customers aware of this so market research is a long process and costs a lot of money but will show results at the end ?? ?? ?? ?? Introduction to Marketing Unit 3- Assignment one P1-P2 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Marketing & Research section.

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