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I am going to create a 4-page leaflet for Oxfam. I'm going to produce this leaflet to make people more aware of the charity and hopefully increase the charities funding.

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GCSE ICT PROJECT 1a SECTION 1 - Introduction I am going to create a 4-page leaflet for Oxfam. I'm going to produce this leaflet to make people more aware of the charity and hopefully increase the charities funding. The leaflet will be aimed at adults because the adult age range is more likely to commit to charities than teenagers. This may not be because teenagers don't care about people less fortunate than themselves, but if they are not working it can be difficult to contribute to a charity. The information contained in the leaflet will be items like the cause and why money is being raised. What the charity actually does and the amount of money raised. The audience would want to know what their money would be spent on so that would have to be included in the leaflet. Typical donations and sponsorship schemes could be included in the leaflet so that people know roughly how much money is needed, how much money they can give and in what different ways they can give their money. The images I include in the leaflet will be targeted at people's emotions so hopefully they will be more willing to donate money to the charity. I wouldn't want the images to be too overpowering and forceful because people often get bombarded with 'tear jerking' images and I want my charity to stand out from the crowd. I am hoping that the combination of the text and images will catch people's eyes at first, and when they have finished reading the leaflet they will be ready and willing to donate to the charity. I think that any fundraising events could be included in the leaflet so that people can donate to the charity and have fun at the same time. The prospect of being able to have some fun and enjoy themselves may also entice people to donate more willingly. ...read more.


I also changed the font to a more attractive font. I enlarged the picture because I thought the picture had true meaning to what the charity was all about. I also enlarged the contact numbers and addresses on the back page because it will hopefully entice people to contact the charity and find out any extra information they need to know about donating or any queries they may have. I reduced the size of my statistics chart to make more room to move around my text. The chart is still easy to read. So it still fulfils its purpose in making the audience realise just how many people are living in poverty in our world today. I did not see the need to change the page orientation because my leaflet is supposed to be produced landscape. I didn't change the size of my centre columns or margins, because I thought that the present ones were suitable. I left my subheadings in the same green colour because I thought it was good idea to make them stand out. I left the image of the smiling children on the back page because I thought it was a pleasant way to end the leaflet. Leaflet 3: I decided that I didn't have enough information on my leaflet so I changed it again. I left my front page and back page because I thought they were suitable for my target audience. I entered another paragraph of derived text from my paper-based resource. I added more subheadings so that my audience would know what they were reading about and to make the leaflet more consistent. I had to change the font size from 14 to 13 and I changed my text to normal instead of italic. I think this leaflet looks the most appealing and has the most information so I am going to choose it for my final idea. ...read more.


If your workstation is not suitable then you could suffer from: Repetitive Strain injury Eye strain Back problems Fatigue and stress Repetitive Strain injury can be cured by purchasing ergonomically designed keyboards with wrist supports, these prevent you having to move your wrists too much and make typing for long periods of time more comfortable. Diffusing the lights in the room can cure eyestrain or fitting window blinds to prevent any glare falling onto the screen. Adjustable chairs can also be installed so that people can adjust the way they are sitting and they can look at the screen comfortably. Adjustable screens and chairs can help to prevent any back problems. The chairs and screens can be adjusted so the person can sit comfortably while maintaining good posture. Sitting at a computer screen for long periods of time can lead to fatigue and high stress levels. Therefore, 10-minute breaks are recommended every 2 hours. During these breaks, the people should try out a number of relaxation techniques to try to de-stress themselves and come back to work renewed, ready to concentrate on the task in hand. Certain safety procedures need to be followed when using computers: Make sure everyone in the room is aware of the fire exits and proper procedures in case of fire. There should be a fire extinguisher in case of a minor fire. Food and drink should never be brought into an IT room in case of spillage. Make sure the plugs aren't overloaded with too many wires, as this can be a risk of electrical fire. Only trained technicians should touch any wires at the back of the computer because of risk of electric shock. Only trained technicians should try to remove any paper jammed in a printer or change the ink because of risk of injury or electric shock. No one should enter an It room unless accompanied by a responsible adult like a teacher. PROJECT 1a KERINA LORD 10U projectreport1. DOC Page 1 of 14 ...read more.

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