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I am going to design a new stock control system for a local garage.

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I am going to design a new stock control system for a local garage. Introduction To produce this piece of coursework it was necessary to find a real/genuine end user that currently had a real life problem with his or her existing system, so that I could produce a new system to solve the problem. Before trying to solve the problem it was important to get to know the end user. For this I went to the end user and had a meeting. This was because I could then get to know all about the business, and then how I could improve the current system, that my end user has been using all this time. Statement of Problem A local garage has asked me to produce a stock control system for him, because then he can work out all his stock levels and other relevant costs and profits. ...read more.


Do you run the business however you wish if you don't own the business? 3) What is your current system like? 4) What are the problems with your current system? 5) Is your current set to be improved in any way? 6) Can your current system be improved in any way? 7) What information would you need on your new system? 8) How complex would you like your new system to be like? 9) Do you have any qualifications in IT? 10) Out of ten how much would you rate your IT skills-with ten being the highest and one being the lowest? (please circle) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 BACKGROUND TO THE PROBLEM The problem with my end-users old system is that he has to spend also of time working out the profit he has made. ...read more.


The subtasks of my system include how is spent on products, how much money is made from sales. The system will work when the product details are entered and then using the formulas everything will be calculated. This includes writing the receipt to calculating the profit. PERFORMANCE CRITERIA This is what I will be judging the success of my project against * Does it work efficiently (e.g. the profit should be calculated instantly) * Is it easy to operate (e.g. can you find everything without much trouble) * Does it minimise storage wastage i.e. no duplication of data * Is it reliable i.e. is the data accurate * Does it trap all errors * Is it flexible (e.g. will the system work for someone else) * Do all parts of the system match the original specification * Can it be run without a user guide i.e. is it easy enough to use that a user guide is not needed Jai Patel ...read more.

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