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I am going to set up a business, which sells a wide range of football tops from kids' size to adults' size. The target market for my business will be people who want to buy football tops, for themselves or for other people

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Introduction I am going to set up a business, which sells a wide range of football tops from kids' size to adults' size. The target market for my business will be people who want to buy football tops, for themselves or for other people, which can be a great birthday or Christmas gift. I am going to do market research before hand, so therefore I know what the demand will be and how much to supply and finally, where and how to supply my goods. Also by doing market research this will help me find an efficient way to advertise e.g. posters, leaflets. The initial target for the product will be schools children of Knights Templar School as I can supply it to them quickly, then eventually move across other schools and business. Primary research There will be two different types of research I will be doing for my business. The first type of research will be primary research. This is when I will be going out and around preferably the school or locally to find out the demand for my product. To complete this type of research I will need to draw up a questionnaire with appropriate questions to help me find the demand if there is one and a focus group for honest views. Questionnaire The questions I am going to ask are as follows 1. What gender are you? Male ? Female ? 2. What age group do you fall under 4- ? 5-15 ? 16-24 ? 25-55 ? 55+ ? 3. What league does your football team play in? Please specify 4. Do you have any football tops? Yes ? No ? 5. If answered yes who normally buys you football tops? Parents ? Friends ? Yourself ? Relatives ? Partners ? 6. If answered yes to q3, where do they/you buy the football tops? Sports Shops ? Internet ? ...read more.


which can be associated with hobbies. The economy for football shirts is dramatically rising because of the high demand from supporters from a club especially when that club is doing well for instance Liverpool winning the champions leagues in 2005. As the team does well they get recognised throughout Europe and sometime across the world like Manchester United well known in America and Japan and Chelsea in Russia. So the more recognised a club becomes by winning well known trophies more people will want to support them and they'll want a football shirt to show their loyalty therefore resulting in demand increasing. The reason why this is important to me is because most clubs spend their own money advertising such as new home and away kits, quite a lot of advertising will already be done for me for example on magazines, newspapers and television. Another factor is the 2006 world cup in Germany. This is a high profiled world-wide event and will hopefully help me make a lot more sales. External influences on advertising When I advertise I will have to consider the following acts: Trades Description Act. The reason why is because if I do not follow the guidelines I could find myself in big trouble because it is a criminal offence not to follow. The following rules I must oblige by is, * Apply a false description to any goods. The description can be written or oral and can apply to the quality, size and specification, ingredients or raw materials, features, date and place of manufacture * Apply misleading advertisements * Make misleading statements about the prices * Apply a false description to services Monopolies and mergers act This is part of a body of legislation designed to protect consumers by the promotion of competition between businesses. As a rough guide the concept of 'public interest' is used to determine whether a particular monopoly or proposed merger should be allowed to proceed. ...read more.


Another way I could check that my information was correct is by conducting another questionnaire but this time asking about 20 boys and 20 girls from every age group to get a fair result. Therefore the information from the questionnaire may not be totally reliable. Focus group If I had more time I could have set up an interview with an marketing director from a large company such as Reebok whom supply Liverpool F.C football tops and ask them 'what methods do you fell are the best ways to advertise successfully and the not so good ways'. As well as other questions relating to the marketing side. Also I could organise another focus group asking the same or different people what do you think of my final proposals. Competition The research I had done for the competition in the primary stage was very reliable because I went across the, varies towns my self-looking for any sports shops. However since then a new shop could have opened so therefore I could go around again the varies towns and check if theirs any new shops opened which is to be very unlucky because there has been no or little advertisements suggesting a new shops shop is opening up. Local population This information I gathered for the local population may have been unreliable, as the figures may not have been up to date, and could be a few years old. However from the information I did get an idea of the population and the growth of each of the different towns. To make sure the population figure is up to date I could ask the local council to send my information about the population structure and figures. The economy The information I gained for the economy such as the economic growth and GDP projections are all up to date as the dates which they where published are all recent. Also since then I have checked the bank of England's website a numerous time to see if there has been an update which so far there hasn't been an update. ...read more.

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