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I am opening a new shop in my local area; this shop is going to be a Hair and Make-up shop called G.L.A.M

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Marketing Coursework Task 1 Introduction I am opening a new shop in my local area; this shop is going to be a Hair and Make-up shop called G.L.A.M (Gifts, Lotions And Make up). Similar businesses already exist in the area and in order for my business to be successful I will have to complete a small scale marketing campaign. To do this I will carry out market research to find out whether my business will be up to standard and will also find out what my potential customers would like from my shop. I will also have to look at the different types of media in order to do a promotional campaign. Ownership I need to decide whether I should set up my business as a sole-trader or partnership. Both sole-traders and partnerships have unlimited liability, this means that there is no limit to the business debts and the owners are personally responsible if the business goes bankrupt. They may have to sell private possessions to help pay off these business debts. In a partnership each partner is liable for the business debts of the other partners. People in a partnership have to draw up a legal agreement between them, which is called a Deed of Partnership. This agreement includes information like how profits and losses will be shared, responsibilities of each partner, who is responsible for decision making and how much capital each partner is to invest in the business. There are many advantages and disadvantages of a sole-trader or partnership. If I choose to be a sole-trader then I will be fully in charge of all the staff that I employ, nobody will be able to tell me what to do and I personally could make all the decisions. Whereas if I was in a partnership, people would be on the same level as me and they may not like my ideas and suggestions. ...read more.


People will enter in the hope of winning something. You have to pay for the prizes you are giving out. Telephone, mail Communicates directly with the customer and asks them personally to buy the product. You get a one-to-one communication with the customers. People will disregarded your mail or hang up the phone, which is annoying. Internet The most high tech way to advertise my business. Can advertise on websites, by emails or pop ups. Relatively cheap and really easy to set up. Number of visitors can be monitored, targeted and can easily change. Limited audience. Possible technical difficulties or problems of connection, viewing, ordering and maintaining. More of a older audience. Posters Gives information to local people or people in the area. Can be very imaginative and can attract attention. National campaigns possible. Most groups covered. Minority programmes can target audiences. Seen repeatedly. Younger audience targeted. Excellent for short, sharp messages. This is a cheap way to promote. Limited amount of information. Difficult to measure effectiveness. Weather and graffiti can ruin the poster. Cost of Advertising I am going to research into the cost of advertising. The table below shows the cost of advertising in different newspapers and radio stations. � Daily Mail full page (black and white) 32,508 Daily Mail full page (colour) 45,612 Daily Telegraph full page (black and white) 45,000 Daily Telegraph full page (colour) 57,750 Sunday Times full page (black and white) 56,150 TV Times full page (colour) 18,500 Girl Talk full page (colour) 3,025 Go Girl full page (colour) 2,400 Yorkshire Post full page (black and white) 8,220 Carlton - 30 second weekday peak time spot (19:26hrs-23:00hrs) 30,500 Grampian TV - 30 second weekday peak time spot (17:15hrs-23:00) 750-990 Odeon Leicester Square, London - 30 second spot (each day, 1 week) 1,160 Lancaster Regal Cinema - 30 second spot (each day, 1 week) 192 BRMB (Birmingham Radio) - 30 second spot Wednesday - Friday (16:00hrs-19:00hrs) ...read more.


I would have to put my prices lower than Boots and Superdrug to make people want to buy from my shop because it has lower prices. The decision of been a partnership organisation is so that more capital can be invested into my business. It would also be easier if we wanted our business to grow than it would be if I were a sole trader. I feel this was the best choice for a business that is just starting up, although I still have unlimited liability and the business is unincorporated. It would be very expensive to set my business up in somewhere like the city centre with it been a very busy place where a lot of people work. There would also be a lot of competition in a place like this. Instead I have looked into more local areas, which are still very popular but a lot cheaper, such as the White Rose. I chose my promotional methods very carefully. I kept to a budget because I didn't want to go over the top with advertising. I would rather save up some money for other materials needed for my shop. I chose to advertise in a girl's magazine because it will attract the target market I am aiming at, a lot of girls and young women read magazines. I also decided to advertise with a poster on a bus because a lot of people will see it and it will catch the eyes of many young drivers. The products I will be selling will not affect my business as long as I keep up to date with the new fashions. Fashions change regularly. My business will be affected if I start to sell the brands that are out of fashion, this will be because everyone will want the new brands. I handed out some questionnaires and did some research on the Internet, which helped me when it came to deciding what products I am going to sell. ?? ?? ?? ?? Kirsty Fox - 11.6 Business Studies Coursework Page 1 of 20 ...read more.

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