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I am planning to run a tuck shop at St. Andrews collage. It is managed by students and uses to service to students, teachers and staff. What is more, our customers also included the officers who work nearby.

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Content Page 1 Introduction 2 2 Data analysis 2 3 Methodologies 3 3.1 Method 3 3.2 Sample chosen 4 3.3 Difficulties 4 3.4 Changes 4 4 Graph analysis 5 4.1 Ages and Sexes 5 4.2 Weekly Spending 6 4.3 Types of Milk 6 4.4 Drinks 7 4.5 Food 7 4.6 Chocolates 8 4.7 Sandwiches 8 4.8 Burgers 9 5 Marketing Plan 9 5.1 Products 9 5.2 Place 10 5.3 Prices and costs 10 5.4 Threats 10 5.5 Promotion 11 5.6 Data and Analysis 11 6 Conclusion 14 Tuck Shop 1 Introduction I am planning to run a tuck shop at St. Andrews collage. It is managed by students and uses to service to students, teachers and staff. What is more, our customers also included the officers who work nearby. We initially plan to sell snacks and drinks, also some fast food for lunch. 2 Data analysis Questions Number Percentage 1. Are you male or female? Male 16 59% Female 11 41% 2. What is your age group? 12--15 2 7% 16--20 19 70% Over 20 6 23% 3. How much money you spend on food each week? Under �10 2 7% Under �20 5 19% More than �20 20 74% 4. What kind of milk you prefer? Skimmed 6 22% Semi-Skimmed 11 41% Whole 8 30% None 2 7% 5. Do you like ice cream? It is my favorite 11 41% It is ok 14 52% No 2 7% 6. What kind of drink do you like? Coffee 4 15% Still water 9 33% Fruit juices 14 52% 7. ...read more.


I know that, our food and drinks are not enough, but when we began to run this business, I will add more choices and details for the customers in order to manage our shop well. 5.2 Place We can buy our goods form Cash & Carry or buy food on Sale or return. What is more, when we cook our burgers or sandwiches, we can use the kitchen, which is in No. 13 building downstairs. In addition, we will locate our shop just in front of the college and use a van to sell our food. After we decided the location and products for our tuck shop, we began to work out the fixed cost and the break-even. From working out the break-even point, we can roughly clearly know that basically how many customers we need at least to make our business in a safe position. The following data were collected and is used to estimate the roughly fixed cost for the first week. Assuming we open our tuck shop at lunchtime from 12:10 to 12:50 between Monday and Friday. Also we decided to open shop during 13:40 to 14:20, because most of students and teachers will finish their classes at that time and they always fell hungry or thirsty. Consequently, the shop work time is 80 minutes per day and 400 minutes per week. 5.3 Prices and costs We will play the role as a shop assistant on turn. In addition we also will pay ourselves �4.00 per hour. So as to, our wages are �5.40 each day and �27.00 each week and plus hire the van which is �50 per week. ...read more.


For example, I did not mention anything about the market whether it is growing or falling. When I did the plan, I just thought about the competition form others firms. Nevertheless, I did not on the customer's positions to think about whether there are more people or less people want to buy food or drinks form our shop. Thirdly, another problem for me is to draw the break-even chart. When I drew the graph, I can not get the correct figure as I forgot how to draw the revenue line and the variable cost line. Also I forgot what is x axes represent. 6 Conclusion This course work is based on the knowledge that I have learnt from the Business Study Lesson and also combined with the investigation form the market. Through doing this business plan, I have the chance to summarise all the knowledge that I have leant. I have got the idea about how to write a business plan, including choosing the location, investigating the market, analysing the competition, comparing and making decisions on the funds sources, business organisation, job description and products and services description. Also from the course work, I have learnt how to choose the suitable media methods to make the advertisements. The course work does not just help me to go through all the points I have learnt, but also help me to prepare the profit and loss account. I do have learned a lot from doing this course work such as being in the business area, how to set up my own business and what information I have to master and analyse. What are the most important things for achieving a goal in the business field? Business Studies Coursework Justine Page 1 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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