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I.C.T. Data logging and control.

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I. C. T. DATA LOGGING AND CONTROL My comrade (General Moeen Ahmed Abbasi) who was about to start his business of manufacturing new fighting jets had asked me to make him a system by which he could be able to see how his business was running. The reason for why he had asked me this is that I had my own business of developing new software and hardware. I went to meet him and he told me that he needed such an application by which he could be able to see his: > company details > employees details > customer details > shipping / importing / exporting details > sales Expenses And so forth. He wanted me to make this system of his ready in two weeks. This was of course more then enough, but as you should know that there are many people outside who haven't got a clue of what uses a computer is and how to use a computer is absolutely out of question. Now let's get back to the subject, as I was saying that it shouldn't take me too long. The longest it will take me should be no more than one day to design the database, one day to make it and two days to enter the company information. ...read more.


This information will be needed for the system you requested me to construct. Q1) Please state the information that you want to add for the details of the employee? (tick the appropriate) Yes No Employee ID Title First name Middle names Surname D.O.B. Address Postcode City Country Contact number (morning) Contact number (evening) Emergency Contact Name Emergency Contact Number Q2) Please state the information that you want to add for the details of the customers? (tick the appropriate) Yes No Customer ID Contact Name Address Postcode City Country Contact number (morning) Contact number (evening) Q3) Is there any thing else you want to include? For the time being this is enough, however if there is anything left then I shall contact you very soon. . Yours truly, Aasim Hussain. Zhulfaqaar(r) Software & Hardware Developers. Now after I have received the questionnaire that I had sent, I will start my work without any delay. After I have made my rough copy I will make a printout of it and show the manager how it looks like. First of all I will give a short explanation of my database system which I am about to make. As I am using MS ACCESS(r) I will dived the system into four five different forms. ...read more.


For example if you want to know how many people are working in your company under the age of 25, then all you have to do is type the following in the criteria ">#01/01/1979#". This will be shown in the table like: I never had any big problems during my task. It was a nice job to give your brain a rest. The manager was really pleased and told me that he will give me a surprise. Never know, could be a private jet. I could have improved this system by using better validation. If you look at the picture above you see that I had entered wrong information then it had stopped me from progressing my task, but even if you enter a space or a - sign to separate the city code then it will also stop you from continuing. Another thing which would have improved this system is; the database has only a password for accessing the system but it hasn't got a password for every different main file you open. So the manager has to appoint a trustable person who has to look after every thing, from updating the products coming in to entering the details of the customers. Thus if we appoint a password then the manager can forward the system to the reception for looking up data and other offices for records etc. Aasim Hussain ICT Coursework Sunday 18/04/04 1 ...read more.

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