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I completed a six week summer internship at BP. During my internship I had to plan many of my tasks in order to be successful.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked I completed a six week summer internship at BP. During my internship I had to plan many of my tasks in order to be successful. One way I planned my work was to prioritise my work. I got lots of work that I needed to complete and I needed to priorities my work in order for it to be completed within the deadlines I was given. Therefore, I had a diary where I recorded all of the tasks that I needed to complete and I put them in order for the time they needed to complete by. I also made sure I didn?t take on any other work from my team as my main priority was my own work. Another way I planned my work was to negotiate realistic targets and setting timescales with my line manager. My manager would give me a list of tasks complete and it was important we agreed on a fair deadline. ...read more.


Another way to schedule my work is to make use of in tray and out trays to plan my work. All the work I completed would be put in the out tray and all the work I needed to complete is in the in tray; I could then see what work still needed to be completed. In order to plan I had many resources to help. To plan my work I used Outlook to write down all my tasks and the date I needed to complete it by. Outlook was very useful as it gave me reminders when a deadline was coming up. I also made use of a diary and checklist to ensure I was well planned and able to complete my work. Moreover, I needed to take own responsibility for my work. I had to take responsibility to make sure to make sure the work is completed on time. For instance, I had to make sure I was being responsible and not getting distracted on my phone or having too many breaks. ...read more.


I faced interruptions such as technology not working. Therefore, I had to find a solution to try and fix the technical issues and if I couldn?t I would try and complete anything by hand in a notebook or try get other work that wasn?t affected and change my scheduled plan accordingly. Another problem that I faced was having the inability to meet deadlines. Sometimes I knew that a task wouldn?t be finished by the deadline. Therefore, I needed to speak to my manager in advice, explain the issue and ask for an extension so I could complete it on time. Lastly, I had to work under pressure at times on my internship. At times deadlines would be close and I needed to work hard to make sure I completed it. The work was also going to add value to a team and therefore needed to be a very high standard in order to be useful which made me feel under pressured. In order to not let the pressure affect me I had to plan and use my time efficiently so I could complete the work well. Unit 33 P5 ...read more.

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