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I.D. Cards.

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I.D. Cards An ID card is a type of smart card that contains information about the holder. It can be used to prove the identity of the person and also to let the person access some services. Also, when there is a need to provide identity over the telephone, the card would be easy to use. A smart card is a plastic card that contains a microchip holding information. For it to be feasible the whole population of the country should have one if it were to be used with services. There are different types of ID card schemes that could be used. There is the Voluntary ID card scheme: it is up to the person whether or not they want to have an ID card, and if they choose not to, there would always be a way to gain access to any service, although it would probably be harder and take longer to process and additional direct or indirect charges may occur. A Universal card scheme would be one where everyone over a certain age must have one and that you could only access certain services with one - like a driver must produce their provisional driving license to take a test. ...read more.


Help public and private sector organisations to validate a person's identity, entitlement to products and services and eligibility to work in the UK. (Homeoffice Executive Summary) Some people will be naturally unsure of the fact that any government department could access their personal information. There would need to be one main database linked up to several others and the possibility of misuse is high. Also, a hacker may be able to break into the computers and misuse the information. It also may be a hindrance to have to remember to use a card and carry it around all the time for simple tasks such as buying a product, especially for elderly people. The government believes that the card will help combat illegal immigration by the fact it will remove the idea that once a person is in a the country they can gain job and use public services. Also, employers don't have to check the immigration status of their workers, just check a card. Other benefits are that people don't have to give their information out again and again to different services. ...read more.


<--Driving License ID Card--> The card would also have to meet with all points in the 1998 Data Protection Act, it does this by only carrying the following information: Name, address, unique number, nationality, sex, a digital photograph, digital signature, validity dates of card, employment status, possible biometric information, but no pin number or password etc. * * * After the recent terrorist attack on the USA, the idea of ID cards has been brought up to prevent more attacks in that it would deter, if not stop, terrorists from entering the country. Any civilian of the country would have to have one, although if terrorists already lived in the said country, this would not have much affect, but this is only in America. The Bush Administration believes that ID cards would aid in the war against terrorism, but the English government says that "entitlement" cards would help against illegal immigration, illegal working and identity fraud which it believes are more important than a war. Whether we will receive entitlement cards is up to the said consultation paper, and if we do have to carry them around, the safety of our personal information will be in the hands of the government. ...read more.

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