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I have been analysing three different invoices to see how they have been set out to help me produce my final product.

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Business Documents Report VGCSE Assignment Invoices 3 Anglian Meat 3 Software used 3 Layout 3 Content 4 Purpose 4 Conclusion 5 R.J. Meaker Fencing 5 Software used 5 Layout 5 Content 6 Purpose 6 Conclusion 6 Car Parts 6 Software Used 6 Invoices I have been analysing three different invoices to see how they have been set out to help me produce my final product. Anglian Meat Software used This invoice has probably been produced using a spread sheet, where you can use charts and graphs. The table itself would have been done in a spreadsheet but the information inside seems to have been typed in; it looks as though it could have been typed in with a typewriter. The heading for the invoice could also have been created in a word processor and then they might have integrated the invoice into the word processed document later. The heading contains only a simple logo, which could have been created in a paint program then pasted in later. The heading only includes the companies name, details and logo which would make it very easy to use a word processor on this. There could be many ways this invoice could be created; another way would be on a desktop publisher (DTP) as it allows you to move text, images and place boxes around where you like. ...read more.


It has stated all the information that you would need, but the address where the product came from hasn't been stated and this may need to be thought through if they re-created the product again. The typed in writing is also quite a pale-grey colour and needs to be in a darker colour. Conclusion When I produce my own invoice I will need to clearly give enough space. I like the idea of the watermarked picture which livens up this information, and may use this for my finished piece. It has also shown me that I need to make my product very clear and show all the different charges they might need. It has also made me see that I need the text in a darker colour so it shows up better than theirs did. R.J. Meaker Fencing Software used Again this invoice seems to have used the same software as the first, but this would have definitely been created in spreadsheet and word processor because it doesn't include a logo at all making it very easy to use this program. This invoice only consists of a small table and letterhead and would have been very easy to create as the details inside have been handwritten in. This invoice could actually also been totally created in a word processor most of it is writing in the letterhead the table consists of only 3 boxes so they could have also been added into the word processor later. ...read more.


It has also shown me that I need to give an address of the company and the customer which this invoice hasn't included. I also need to think about whether I want to type in my information or write it in. Car Parts Software Used The background for this invoice seems to have been done on a desk top publisher as it is very professional and 'snazzy'. The background seems to have been done before the information has put in as it is very complicated but also a very professional look. The background seems to have been mass produced first then the information has been added to later. The headings for each section seem to have been done before the product information has been put in but after the background has been done. The information for the product seems to have been typed in with a separate typewriter when this was produced. Layout This document has been produced on half a page unlike the first invoice which was across one whole A4 page. This layout is very complicated with lots of boxes joined together across the page. Each of the boxes is in a purple/blue colour which fades to white towards the other end of the box. At the top left he invoice they have given the companies logo and has also given information about all their branches. This document also tells us that it is an invoice. This invoice also has a footer which tells us about the transaction. Business Documents Report VGCSE Assignment Karra Rothery - 1 - ...read more.

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