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I have chosen to create a spreadsheet, for the use of customers and staff of a 'The Pizza Place' restaurant.

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Implementation Choice Of Project I have chosen to create a spreadsheet, for the use of customers and staff of a 'The Pizza Place' restaurant. There is a great need a computer system for ordering food within restaurants, as manual, paper ordering system have become out-of-date and many errors are made. I have chosen to use Microsoft Excel to create my spreadsheet, as I feel that Microsoft Access is an inappropriate program to create my spreadsheet on. Initial Design The spreadsheet will contain different pages, on which, information will be displayed on the products available. There will be a sheet, on which, the order is to be made this sheet will contain all the formulae, for the bill to be made. Problems Encountered I had very few problems when creating 'The Pizza Place' spreadsheet. I made many changes with the layout of the pages, to make the pages more attractive for the customers and staff using the system. The page layout also had to be changed to make it possible to view all the options available. ...read more.


1. Set up the spreadsheet in a way to make it possible to access all information easily. 2. Insert all the required information on to separate sheets under its own heading. 3. Validate all information used in the spreadsheet, use locks on certain sheets. 4. Create a Choices sheet using specific formulas, link with billing sheet. 5. Create a billing sheet to produce a bill of all products ordered, link with the Choices sheet. 6. Insert Macro buttons to link all the sheets to the Main Menu and the Main Menu to all the sheets. How this was done! 1. I introduced new sheets in to the system, by right clicking the mouse at the bottom of the screen and clicking 'insert' and then choosing worksheet. I gave each of the sheets it own heading i.e. Pizza, Topping, Desserts, etc. I did this by double clicking the left mouse button over the tabs displayed at the bottom of the screen and entering the required name. ...read more.


5. The billing sheet contains all the products chosen, once they have been transferred from the order sheet, these are shown in list form under the appropriate category. At the bottom of the sheet the total cost of all the chosen products are shown, this is produced using a simple formula, =SUM(total) this formula adds up all the products displayed in the range of E8:E26. 6. Macro buttons have been used throughout the spreadsheet, on every sheet, creating links between the sheets. The main menu has macro buttons linking you to all the other sheets, whereas most of the sheets only link to the main menu via macro buttons. The sheets Order and choices have macro buttons to create a link between them and to the main menu. A macro button is used on the order sheet to clear the bill, this works by selecting all the cells used by the bill and clearing the text. Macro buttons are used in the choices sheet to transfer information from the choices sheet table on to the order sheet, which are then displayed in the bill. Michael Gilbert The Pizza Place ...read more.

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