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I have chosen to do Cadbury Schweppes plc as the first business and this is the information of this business.

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A1 Introduction. Cadbury world. I have chosen to do Cadbury Schweppes plc as the first business and this is the information of this business. Business activities. Cadbury Schweppes is a business, within the secondary sector. * Secondary business means they get the raw materials from the primary sector (EG farmers) and use them to make a finished good/product. * The company specialises in producing large amounts of Chocolate and soft drinks like Tonic water and Doctor Pepper. They are situated all over the world in over 200 countries. They employ over 40,000 people a year to work for them. This was their average recruiting record from 2000 to 2002. * They use Raw materials to make their products they use things like cocoa beans to make their chocolate and they also use milk. * They also have a few of their own shops around the United Kingdom so that also means they are part of the Tertiary sector to an extent. They have a shop In Liverpool in the city centre but they only have a few of them though. There has got to be only about 5 in the whole of Great Britain. They do not have any outside the UK. They also rely on retailers to stock up goods. * The whole Secondary sector in general is declining because more and more products are being produced aboard. The tertiary sector growing because more people want to spend money and they have got more money they want to spend, but there is a higher demand for food and drinks. * Who are their main competitors? Their aim competitors are companies within the chocolate and refreshment industry. ...read more.


This means that instead of spending all of their money but keeping some in the bank just in case of emergency if the company goes bankrupt. The targets have been set over four year periods, the first from 1997 to 2000 and currently 2001 to 2004. * Growth. = This means to expand their company more. * Free cash flow. = Managing your incoming and outgoing expenditures. * Superior growth in total. = Means to expand the business beyond targets in all aspects which include turnover profit cash flow shear value share dividend reduced manufacturing costs etc Introduction. I have chosen to do Marks and Spencer's as my second business. It is a tertiary company. Business activities. Marks and Spencer's is tertiary business. * Tertiary business means that they are a shop or a retail place, which sells the goods or services. At marks and Spencer's they sell things like clothes and in most of the newer stores their own brand food. * They buy their goods from the secondary businesses most of the time, in bulk so it works out cheaper for them to buy it. They also make some of their own range like their own food. * The company are situated all over the world in hundreds of different countries, 502 stores to be exact. Some places which have a marks and Spencer's in their country are Hong Kong, Gran Canar´┐Ża, Greece and also Qatar. * The tertiary sector is growing because more people want things like food clothing etc * Marks and Spencer's are available on the Internet like clothing and also food so people can get their goods that way, without leaving their house. ...read more.


* Extend financial services to compete with high street banks, perhaps offering in store banking facilities (i.e. post office moving into the stores.) * Introduce product range through their own franchise high street shops to compete with Thornton's. * Extend product range to include dairy products e.g. cakes, ice creams and yoghurts. * Expand ranges to include diabetic and low fat products. * Expand their drinks range Ownership I think that the two companies have good ownership because they do not loose anything if they do not have enough money. They do not loose any of their belongings because they are a big company Location The locations are both different marks and Spencer's head office is in London which is a big city full of different businesses. Cadburys is situated in Bourville in Birmingham, which is another big city. Cadburys get their raw materials from abroad so I think to save travel and a lot of money they should move down to the south coast of the united kingdom. With being in Birmingham it is harder to get their raw material to the base because of it being in the middle of the country. When the company first opened Birmingham was know for its canals but now these days they do not get used as much. But with moving down to the south coast it will save travel ands also they could have docks there for when their raw materials arrived by boat. Aims It is good that the two companies are not just thinking about their profits but they are thinking about their customers and the quality of their products. I think the company's aims should be also to improve and design new products. Business studies unit 1 assignment- investigating business. - 1 - Becky Dawber ...read more.

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