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I have chosen to do Sonys handycam for the marketing mix of a selected product and its unique selling point is that it is a very high quality camera

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P2-Describe the role within marketing mix of a selected product/service M1-Explain how the promotional aspect is integrated with the rest of the marketing mix in a selected organisation to achieve its marketing aims and objectives. Product: Sony Handycam I have chosen to do Sony's handycam for the marketing mix of a selected product and its unique selling point is that it is a very high quality camera with a HD lens that can capture photos and video in HD and has been created by one of the best Japanese electronic companies in the world. Price The price of the Sony Handycam is �346 and customers already know that they are paying for a very high quality product because of the brand name and the features that the Handycam has and they know it is expensive but at the same time they are thinking they are getting what they are paying for and is better value for money than any other video camera and the company knows that they have reasonably priced it to the consumer and are making a profit at the same time and therefore generates revenue. The price helps promote the Sony Handycam because it seems more attractive to the consumer if it is cheaper compared to its rivals and must be priced right and the price must be in the promotion in order to sell the product and ...read more.


The staff of Sony would need to be trained on how to use the Sony Handycam and all of its functions that makes it special so that whenever a consumer asks about a feature about the Handycam they immediately know how to demonstrate that feature and crates effective customer service and gives the company a better reputation in terms of customer services. Process The process in which the Sony Handycam goes through is that it is tested by Sony to see if there any faults with the hardware or software and if there are faults with the Handycam then it will be sent back for a redesign or repair and replacement of faulty components to ensure that it is of the highest quality possible for the money that the consumer is paying and if there are no faults and it is fully functioning fine then it is ready to be sold to the consumer. It also tests the technology of the Handycam to improve the service offered to the consumers and provide a positive and easy to use service and the benefits of the process can be used in the promotional activity such as free delivery, 24-hour despatch, secure ordering and so on. Physical evidence Sony must provide the consumer with physical evidence of purchase of the Sony Handycam because if the consumer wants to return their product then they have proof ...read more.


Sony must also ensure that the product is well priced and convince the consumer that they are getting great value for money and give it a unique selling point. Sony can also use price to help it gain a good market position because if they price it right then all the consumers who see the Sony Handycam will be more convinced to buy it and make it look cheaper than it's rivals. Standing out from its competitors Sony will ensure that their Handycam will stand out from its competitors and make it look like it is full of unique features that are not available on any other Handycam which will help give it popular demand and make the design of the camera look unique and stand out from other video cameras and market it to the consumer to make it look better than any other rival video cameras and give it a unique selling point. Sony can make the Handycam stand out from it's competitors by pricing it cheaper than other rival companies who make a similar product and give it more features that will convince the consumer to buy the product even more and make other rival video cameras seem inferior when compared to the Sony Handycam. ?? ?? ?? ?? Bhupinder Degan BTEC Business Level 3 ...read more.

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