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I have collected information on House of Fraser and how they use ICT.

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Findings I have collected information on House of Fraser and how they use ICT. They use ICT in many ways and need it for most things they do. My report will show why House of Fraser use function communication and information. I will split my work into 4 sections titled Function, Operations, Purchasing and Communication. Function In the function section there are four sub-sections, these are Sales, Finance, Operations, and Purchasing. The sales sections will be divided into a further 4 sections that are: 1. Cash This is where tills are used. This is used inside the shops although most people use EFTPOS (Electronic fund transfer at point of sale). When a customers wants to purchase a product they take it to the till and a shop assistant will scan the bar-code on the product into the companies main computer. 2. Electronic fund transfer (EFT) Electronic fund transfer is when credit or debit cards are usedby the customers.This involves the moving of money from one bank account to another using data communications and without any use of paper. It works by the customer using their credit card that is scanned into the till inside the shop. ...read more.


House of Fraser also use Access to make invoices (These are like bills that the company sends to ask for the money for a product that a customer has bought) and statements to send to customers. House of Fraser use Microsoft Access to keep control of stock levels. This is because they can create databases that can be linked to the cash registers that the company uses in store. When a customer purchases a product they can record that the product has been bought and erase that product from the stock list so they will know when they have run out. House of Fraser use Microsoft Excel. They can use this to create spreadsheets and make graphs to show sales, profits and losses. These can be used in meetings and conferences between managers and directors of the company to see how well stores are doing. They can do this by comparing the tables and graphs. Spreadsheets are also used by House of Fraser because they are a reliable way of creating graphs etc. To use this they need to have a computer and the correct software. To make orders for stock House of Fraser can use and email package eg Microsoft Outlook. ...read more.


Voice mail They use voice mail, which is used by area managers to relay messages to different stores around the country. Faxes Faxes are used for sending urgent written information e.g. Insurance estimates to the people that need to know that information as it is a fast and reliable way to get details to them. It is also safer than using e-mail as important information could be hacked into on a P.C. Fax is also used to send stock lists to their suppliers so they can be sent new products when they run out inside their stores. Banks House of Fraser uses banks for obtaining change to be put in the cash registers and to find out about profits and losses that they have made in recent weeks/days. Emails My company uses emails to send news about offers to people who have listed there email address to the company (usually when purchasing a product online or in surveys made inside the shops), hoping they will go in the nearest shop or online to buy one of the products. Advertisement They use this to help sell products by using advertisement. They can use TV, radio, leaflets, posters, newspapers and websites to tell customers about latest offers and news about the company and try and entice the customers to buy their products. Island Revenue Information Daniel Collins 10x2 ...read more.

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