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I have decided to create a database for mega video and it is to keep the records of their customers, what videos the shop has to hire, how much the videos are to lend, when they have been lent out and who too and when they have been returned.

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Contents Page Specification Page-2 Facilities Page-3 Analysis Page-3 Design Page-4 Implementation Page-6 Testing Documentation for the Systems Administrator Documentation for the user User Training Needs Evaluation Mega Video Specification For my A-Level I.T project I have decided to create a database for mega video and it is to keep the records of their customers, what videos the shop has to hire, how much the videos are to lend, when they have been lent out and who too and when they have been returned. I have to create a relational database that will meet the requirements of the users; I must also create a user guide that describes how to use the database. The inputs for the database I am going to need are: > Customer's names and addresses. > What videos the shop has. > How much the videos are. The outputs would be: > What videos are in or being lent out. > Who they are being lent out too. > When the video was returned. > Date hired out/returned Some queries I might need are: * Who has the video and which video it is. * How much is the video. * When does the video have to be returned? * What type of film it is (e.g. ...read more.


but at least it will get the job done, it has plenty of space, a decent sized monitor with a large area of viewable space. To back up their files and be able to take them off site I have included a CD-R drive which they can use to copy their files onto a CD and be able to take them home or wherever for extra security measures. Windows XP has a password protection option that the users can activate and be able to secure the whole P.C. The keyboard will be a basic keyboard which is easy to use and understand with none of the extra new buttons you find on keyboards nowadays, like buttons to switch off the keyboard or buttons that connect you to the internet. Analysis Queries A query is what you use to find out specific information about the subject that you are making a table about, for example, if you wanted to find out some a specific video details by using the videos ID number, you can make a query to ask you for the number and it will find the video. To do this you have to go to the little icon that says queries and click design new query. It will then ask which tables of information you wood like use choose the ones you want then drag the specific information from the tables to the blank spaces at the bottom. ...read more.


Then you have to choose a primary key. When that is done click design view and you shall see al the information. Design A database is a collection of information that's related to a particular subject or purpose, such as tracking customer orders or maintaining a music collection. If your database isn't stored on a computer, or only parts of it are, you may be tracking information from a variety of sources that you're having to coordinate and organize yourself. Using Microsoft Access, the users can manage all their information from a single database file. Within the file, they will then divide data into separate storage containers called tables; view, add, and update table data by using forms; find and retrieve just the data you want by using queries; and analyze or print data in a specific layout by using reports. Front End Queries Macros Reports Tables Implementation Technical Documentation Microsoft Access is a software package designed to store information and create tables, forms and reports in which to put a users data. The package designed to run off any P.C with the following specifications in mind. CPU 133 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU (300 MHz recommended) Supports single and dual CPU systems (NOTE: Check driver availability for peripheral devices.) RAM 64 MB (minimum) - 4 GB RAM (maximum) (128 recommended) Disk Space 2 GB Hard disk, 650 MB free installed on standalone PC, 700 MB if installed over server (1G recommended) Daniel Birtle A-Level ICT 27/12/00 1 ...read more.

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