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I have made a SWOT analysis for Venetian Ices Ltd.

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Introduction: I have made a SWOT analysis for Venetian Ices Ltd. SWOT stand for Strengths, weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The purpose of doing it is to improve on the weaknesses and change them to strengths. Improve on threats and change them to opportunities. And maybe take advantage of the opportunities and try to keep our strengths. The franchising of ice-cream parlours could be a 'real money-spinner" for Venetian Ices ltd. I am very keen to exploit what I see as a viable business opportunity. Launching Ice-cream parlours is a positive opportunity for Venetian Ices. It could become strengths for our business but it could turn into a weakness if it wasn't considered and planned correctly Here are positive reasons for starting this business: * We are a large business. * We have a good track record. * Our business is very well established. * TV advertising is cheaper now because there are more channels. We have no problems on advertising. ...read more.


The other areas of Venetian Ices business might suffer. There will be a lack of finance; most of the money will be diverted towards the parlours. And it will take time to launch. All businesses have goals and targets (aims and objectives) (AO 1.2 and 2.3) The five general aims and objectives of businesses likeVenetain Ices Ltd are: * Probability * Survival * Prestige * Growth * Social Benefits Specific aims for Venetian Ices are: 1. Franchising new ice cream parlours. The main aim for this step is expanding or growth. 2. Maintain market leadership of own label of ice cream 3. Expand "take home" and impulse lines to eventually rival "Nestle" and "BEW" Venetian Ices hope to achieve these aims in the future. Venetian Ices must do the following in order of achieving their aims: * Conduct market research to know the demand of people. Conduct a questionnaire or a survey. This is important for the first, the second and the third aim. ...read more.


They are negative things about the firm that needs to be improved. The weaknesses of Venetian Ices are: * Expansion of business could lead to a lot of debt * Sceptical: John hardy prepared to take the risk * Need to invent new machinery for ice cream parlours * Train new staff for ice cream parlours * Not as big as main rivals The threats of Venetian Ices are: * Hageen Dazs already have a chain of ice cream restaurants * Hageen Dazs are global * Venetian Ices are small in comparison to main rivals Might neglect other areas of their business which are presently successful Information gathered Source and/ or method of research Competition of Haagen Dazs and Beech dean. Tells us about the consumers as well as the competition. Notes from video "The marketing Mix at Haagen Dazs and Beech Dean" produced by TV choice and published in 2001 To find any market opportunity from the consumers Questionnaire Looking more at the competition A data collection sheet. Observing competition. ...read more.

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