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I shall discuss the role of communication in information systems and problems that may arise from the ineffective usage of bad communications. During my gap year I worked for Mayday hospital in West Croydon.

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DISCUSS THE ROLE OF COMMUNICATION IN ENABLING ORGANISATIONS TO MAKE EFFECTIVE USE OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS. Effective communication is essential for organisations to be successful. It is the process by which information is exchanged between one group or person and another, by thoughts, messages, speech, signals, writing, or behaviour. In this essay I shall discuss the role of communication in information systems and problems that may arise from the ineffective usage of bad communications. During my gap year I worked for Mayday hospital in West Croydon. I worked as an office administrator and helped deal with medical records, ensuring records would get to the right place on time. During this period I had found that the NHS were currently in the process of implementing a number of new information systems in all its hospitals, naming it the 'National Program for Information Technology'. The reasons for this programme were to improve the flow of information in the Health Service, as there had been many complaints with the current system, being insufficient and ineffective. Thus causing delays with workers having to work extra hours. The programme will also be beneficial to patients, allowing them access, to certain information. ...read more.


Users need to be aware of what the system can provide and what data is available, as well as being able to use it effectively. Users will then be able to highlight any problems they find with the information system. Post implementation review is an important part of the process, where once the new system has been running for a short period of time it can be reviewed. Users can note down problems that may have occurred. They may find that minor programming errors may have to be corrected or modifications made to the design. It is only when people start to use a new system that they realise its shortcomings. In some cases they may have realised that it would be possible to get even more useful information from the system than they had thought, and more programs may be requested. The NHS will hold regular meetings for the users, so that the system can continually be updated to reach the expected requirements. The NPFIT main objective is to improve the communication channels internally and externally within the NHS. The NHS wants to improve the communication of information throughout and have satisfied their patients, and employees. ...read more.


Users must communicate with the system correctly, when data entering and extracting information. Information systems must communicate with each other so that the whole organisation and other departments that it is linked to, can share information. To gain the most use of an information system, people must be able to communicate effectively amongst their selves so they can gain knowledge of what the information system can provide for them. Any problems they may encounter should not be ignored. Users need to be aware of who has access to what. Information systems is a perfect tool for organisations and makes tasks a lot easier to carry out, but to make the most effective use, will depend on how good communication is within and outside the information system. Haag Stephen, Cummings Maeve, McCubbery J. Donald, 2004, Managament Information Systems for the information age 4th ed, George Waterman Publisher, New York Heathcote, PM 2000 'A' LEVEL ICT 2nd ed, Payne-Gallway Publishers, Ipswich Marcouse Ian, 2002'Business Studies' Hodder & Stoughton, Tottenham "National Programme for Information Technology in the NHS (NPfIT)", ( 2005 October 25), (www.npfit.nhs.uk), Available: http://www.npfit.nhs.uk/ (Accessed: 2005 October). Bichard, M. Sir. (2004 April 21), "The Bichard Inquiry - An independent inquiry arising from the Soham murders", (The Bichard Inquiry), Available: http://www.bichardinquiry.org.uk/, (Accessed: 2004 October). ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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