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I.T communications coursework - Creating and then analysing products, which would be a logo, business card, letterhead and a promotional leaflet.

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Introduction For my I.T communications coursework we were set the target of creating and then analysing products, which would be a logo, business card, letterhead and a promotional leaflet and this is how I manage to do this. For me to successfully complete the task I started off by doing a brainstorm for ideas so that I would know what I was going to base my products on these are the ideas, which I manage to come up with. After the consideration of all the ideas, which I came up with my brainstorm I decided to do the following which was all based on a fictional chocolate company. Name - Muz Chocolates Products - chocolates and cakes Market - All age groups Objectives - to maximise profits The whole purpose of making all these products is so that people pay attention to my company so I had to take certain factors in to consideration because all these products were going to represent my company and I wanted to give the best possible image towards the public. For my products to be successful, which are my business card, leaflet and my letterhead the following shows what considerations I had to take before designing my products to make sure that they were designed to their best potential. 1. The first area, which I had to look at was colour as this is what catches the attention of the public and attracts them to the products so that they are informed about my company but most important of all I have to make sure the colour used looks high quality and professional 2. ...read more.


Microsoft Publisher Advantages * You could use the wizard * Generally easy to use * You can get pictures from the Art Gallery * You can use Word Art Disadvantages * Not artistic * Not enough tools for drawing Corel Draw Advantages * It is easy to use * It has a wide range of tools * It has space to help assemble the poster * You can use a variety of different textures and colours Internet Advantages * Easy to access * Wide range of information is available * Information is updated and new all the time. Disadvantage * It takes quite a bit of time getting a web page * All of the above had help pages that were easy to use and made it easier to use the software. * Can be difficult to find what you want I used Microsoft Word to do all my write ups as it is easy to do so and has some very good tools such as the spell check which goes through your work and finds any errors that might occur The screen dump below shows how the spellchecker can be used to check my work and to find the errors. Although this is just one method of checking my work there are others such as asking for support from your teacher or looking on the Internet for help. Throughout my coursework I made sure that I was saving my work 15-30 minutes so that there was no chance of me losing my work and I also made backups of my work on my home computer and on floppy disk so that if I was to lose my work for some reason I would have a spare copy of everything. ...read more.


but this time making sure that I did not forget to put in all the companies contact details because this is the purpose of the business card so that people can get in contact with the company and so that they can have access to all information but putting on the companies website address at the same time. Leaflet I knew before hand tat the leaflet would be the most difficult to make out of them all as it contained the most information and needed the most attention for doing. At first it was difficult but as I started doing my leaflet it got easier all the time. This time I used publisher again but for looking for designs only and one I had my design I used the Microsoft drawing package to make my layout and then I started adding all my information on the leaflet such as details about the company, contact numbers and a map to show the location of where it was, I got the map off the internet. Another thing that I did was that I made sure I used the same colours as I used on all the other products so that everything I did looked simple, effective and most of all professional. In conclusion I would say that my end products came out very well and could all be used as real life products. The only problem with the products would be that because so many colours are used it might be a bit expensive to produce a bigger quantity of the products otherwise I am very happy with the way all the products have turned out. Muaaz Yasin 11.1 I.T. Communications Coursework I ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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