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I.T. for a football club in Lancashire

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Project Write Up Choice of Problem I am going to introduce information Technology to a newly built football club in Lancashire designed for both seniors and juniors. My aim is to show how information technology can be more accessible than a traditional manual filling system and be shown in a more presentable way. Also stock control can be monitored with considerable accuracy which will minimise errors dramatically. Another advantage is that information about members can be located with minimum effort and no hassle and without consuming to much time. Description of Problem This relatively large football club is based in Lancashire it is named Jimbos football club. This club uses mediocre technology in the shop, and is located in Gorton. Eighty percent of the club's staff are computer literate. All formal and informal letters are hand written. The club's office only has one computer, which only has limited resources. The club is managed and run by a single person, who has a close relationship with his three trainers. There is also a security guard that works on night shifts. In the club shop, five employers work rotational shifts selling football shirts, football boots and other football gear. In addition, the club employs two ground men and a professional footballer. ...read more.


So after producing great results they are hoping to increase their popularity by attracting more people to the club through out there local community to come and join or even come and watch the matches played on Sunday's. This is when advertisements need to be implemented by the use of flyers and posters being put up through out the area. To be able to do this we need to have at least one P.C to be able to manufacture the flyers and posters, so really a decent P.C is required to produce these, and also to make letters. Investigation of Solution To have got the information written I had to send a letter to the club asking how the club was running. I asked them how many people were involved in the managing of the club. I also asked them how good the team was doing, and what kind of information Technology they had in use. The letter that I have written is at the back of this project and also the reply from the football club. Design of Solution This is a flow chart showing how I will carry out the task. 1. I would try to find as much as I can about the club. 2. I would then see how the club will benefit from the use of computers 3. ...read more.


The club should be hoping for at least a Windows 95 package as its least requirements as it provides lots of options, anything less then that requirement wouldn't really be of any use for the club. Although Windows 3.11 wouldn't be too bad, I think the club such as this one should be hoping to have at least a Window 95. Letters Letters that need to be sent off can be done with relative ease and with not wasting too much time as letters can be typed up and then printed, as many times, depending on how many is needed. Also printing out more copies wouldn't be much of a problem as the original letter would already be saved in the hard drive and so copying an extra copy wouldn't be much of a problem. I have included a letter in this project. Databases and Spreadsheets Using Spreadsheets and Databases is a good way of storing information such as the information of the team members and the staff members. Also what can be also helpful to the club using this application is that calculating the balance of formulas can be done manually. In my project I have also included a Spreadsheet about the club members to show how essential this application can be to the club. ?? ?? ?? ?? Suliaman Rafiq 7/12/2000 1 1 ...read more.

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