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I.T. Investigation into Estate Agents

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Investigation and Analysis of Task I gathered some information about some estate agents and things linked to an estate agent. Such as: * Potential buyers information * Advertisements made by the estate agents and displayed in shop window * Advertisements in a local newspaper * Answers to questions posed to the potential buyer and estate agent Outputs: There are usually a few different outputs that are done by the estate agent. Brochure/Leaflet Firstly, there is the typical double-sided brochure, which comprises of the rough location of the house, a picture, the asking price and current status of house (e.g. Freehold, leasehold, etc.), a general outline of the features of the house and then a specific outline of features of house. There are a few advantages and a few disadvantages of the brochure. Advantages * Customer is able to see what the property looks like before going to view it * Customer is able to read about the features of the house * Customer knows dimensions of house (Useful to check if house is big enough for customer or not) ...read more.


This is then time-consuming for the customer. * Same problem (If picture is black and white) in that customer cannot see what the property actually looks like. * Customer does not know what features are like in house, since descriptions are very vague. Inputs: There are a lot of inputs in the current system. From the beginning, when the customer first comes into the estate agent for information, the estate agents have to collect information on the houses, buyers and sellers. Sellers: Sellers usually contact the estate agent by telephone or by coming into the estate agents. When there is a seller, the estate agent takes down the address and a contact no. then send a surveyor round. The surveyor has with him/her a questionnaire List of questions below) regarding the house. After this has been filled in, the surveyor takes a photograph of the house. I think he/she will then value the house. ...read more.


A data clerk would then get this information and type it up into the standard format, stick on the picture, then make several copies. (Always making sure, the default template is not given to a customer.) They then would sort out the information into different fields; Such as: * Value of house (e.g. <100,000, 100,001-200,000, 200,001-300,000 and 300,000+) * Area alphbetically This makes the esate agent's job much easier as he/she doesn't have to search through endless files trying to find information. If a customer requests more information on a house, the estate agent is then able to go to the price range of the person, or any other criteria specified by the person. This can typically take up to three-quarters of an hour. There are howver a few advantages and disadvantages to this system. Advantages: * Staff know system, so is easier to find information. * Data Capture is very efficient. Disadvantages: * Data clerks are neede, so company has to pay clerks to do this job. * Very time-consuming ...read more.

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