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I will be looking at the limitations of marketing research. This involves looking out how marketing research can help develop a marketing plan.

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Limitations of marketing research Introduction In this assignment, I will be looking at the limitations of marketing research. This involves looking out how marketing research can help develop a marketing plan. Furthermore, I will be looking at the weaknesses of development in a marketing plan. From this assignment, I hope to gain new information in what is called the useful side of marketing research. How can market research help develop a marketing plan? Market research can help a marketing plan because it will give you the precise and exact information on what is needed to create something successful. An example of marketing research helping a marketing plan is when Sainsbury's are bringing out a new flavoured crisp. They are doing this because the old flavour is in decline and not selling anymore. Before Sainsbury's unveil their products on their shelves, they need to be sure that the new product will sell, so they do research such as surveys, questionnaires, focus groups etc. ...read more.


Sainsbury's have many limitations as they are dealing with customers. Some of the limitations that stop Sainsbury's from doing certain acts are the sales of goods act, consumer protection from unfair trading, Health and safety law and the data protection act. Budgetary limitation Budgetary limitation is an important factor when it comes to marketing research. It is important because it involves keeping within a limit when trying to research a successful product. Sainsbury's main factor of making a product successful is through advertising. The marketing sector of Sainsbury's budget them equally. For example, they would put money aside for advertising, put money aside for primary, secondary, and put money aside for material and labour costs. Time limitation When doing research for a new product it is important that you have a period in completing your product. With a big and successful company such as Sainsbury's who bring out new products every week, it common that before they start the set out aims and objectives. ...read more.


Many weaknesses occur when collecting market research. The types of research that Sainsbury's uses are focus groups, face-to-face interviews, surveys and questionnaires and secondary research such as research from the internet. The weakness in focus groups is that if you ask the wrong questions you will get the wrong answers. If you get the wrong answers then you will end up creating a product that people do not want. The same weakness happens to face-to-face interviews. Surveys and questionnaires is an important feature when it comes to creating a new product. However, there are a few weaknesses when it comes to doing it. For example, if Sainsbury's want to find out what new flavours of crisp the public would want then they would create surveys and go on the streets. If they go on a miserable Monday at eight o'clock in the morning, the likelihood of getting reliable information is very slim. The weaknesses of secondary research is that wherever you got the information from, whether it be from the internet, leaflets etc there is a chance of the information being false and unreliable. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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