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I will be producing a report detailing the factors the factors that Mobile Communication has to consider when planning human resources.

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P1- To describe the internal and external factors to consider when planning the human resources requirements of an organisation Introduction: For this task, I have been asked to conduct a research on the internal and external factors. I will be producing a report detailing the factors the factors that Mobile Communication has to consider when planning human resources. To get information, I will be using the internet and the BTEC level 3 Subsisbary Diploma in Business. Mobile Communication LTD is a company that provide services and products such as: mobile phone, broadband and telephone services. Mobile Communication have got 24 stores throughout UK and a workforce around 650 staff. Human Resource planning are resources that helps business to recruit, hire and train new employees that might well exceed any short-term cost saving. They help Mobile Communication to be successful in encouraging and motivating the employees and to make sure that every employees are on tracks. There are two factors that human resources has to consider and this includes: Internal planning factors are factors that are relate to what happen within the organisation. There are different types of internal factors that Mobile Communication need to consider: Organisation needs can sometime change and with this human resources will have to adapt with the changes. Changes take place from time to time, like for example Mobile Communication might diversify into new products or close down the business in some areas but the human resources will have to process appointing or removing people the change according to situation. Technology change are factors that business may feel that attention should focus on their skills. Mobile Communication constantly develop their products and services in the hope of reaching their desired audience first. The technology allow employees to communicate with each other at work and customer. Staff training is a factors that business need to consider before employing staff in the work. ...read more.


This is because motivated employees work to the best of their ability to achieve their personal or Mobile Communication goals. Mobile Communication manager are there to make sure that the work force is motivated. Motivation is when an employee is motivated by external rewards. It is motivation that is controlled by some contingency that depends on task performance. Rewarding employees for their work is one way of motivating them however academic research indicates that other methods of motivating employees have a stronger impact on job performance this includes: Provide challenging work: Mobile Communication employees needs to become comfortable in their role and build confidence, just about everyone enjoys a new challenge. Those that are good at their job generally want to grow and develop. Providing challenging work like involvement in a new project is an excellent way of improving motivation. Learn to listen: One of the common frustrations that employees have is that they feel that they do not have a voice in the work place. People start out initially with enthusiasm but if what they are offering in terms of suggestions for improvements is not given proper consideration, they eventually give up or leave. Making the time to sit down, listen and explore ideas can have a huge impact on how people feel about their work. Set meaningful goals: Mobile Communication employees can set goal to carried out as part of staff appraisals are ideal opportunities to set meaningful goals. Setting goal can help to engage in dialogue about what the employee needs and the employer needs, more meaningful and motivating goals can be set. Support balanced risk taking: Mobile Communication cannot be reckless, but achieving new levels of performance requires some degree of risk. Supporting and empowering employees to take balanced risk can be extremely liberating and motivating. Increasing motivation through financial rewards is a method that is most common when Mobile Communication can rely on the quantity of the output of employees. ...read more.


For an organisation performance appraisals acquire information about employees, information for development and assists human resource needs more accurately for example, promotions, bonuses, perks, individual payment schemes, etc. In the process of measuring employee performance, there are advantages and disadvantages. An example of an advantage is that it allows the employer to discover the employees that perform well and provide other job opportunities, or offer promotions. The employer can also use the review to provide rewards, such as days off or an increase in salary. Another advantage is that it allows the employer to have a one to one meeting or group discussions to come with a solution in the areas where the performance of the employee(s) is weak. These group meetings can allow the employers and employees to discuss ways in which to develop company goals, and can further discuss ways in which they may be able to meet these goals. This also allows the employer to identify ways in which areas the employees need training in. In contrast, there are disadvantages of the whole process of performance management In order for a Mobile Communication to become successful, it is important that the employer motivates their employees to improve their performance. In addition to these two motivators, there are other motivators. Money is one of the most known motivator in businesses. Rewarding employees is also another way of increasing employee performance. By showing that the employees are already working well, by giving rewards the employer is also providing confidence. The environment in which the employee works in is also a motivator. When there is a satisfying working atmosphere, the employee is likely to perform well. Other motivators include being trustworthy. The employee should be able to trust the employer to make the right decisions which will benefit both the business and the employee. Job security is also another motivator which helps the employee to perform better. If they feel that they are not going to lose the job or the post, it helps the employee to stay focused on their job and therefore, their performance will increase. ...read more.

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