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I will be working as a landscape Gardener; the name of my business will be called A&A Garden services.

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Business planning I will be working as a landscape Gardener; the name of my business will be called A&A Garden services. The classification of my business will be a partnership, with two employees. I have chosen to be a landscape gardener, because I found that there was a gap in the market. To start of my business I will invest �10,000 of my own capital. My objectives are to provide high quality services, to people who need new features or improvement to their garden. My services will aimed at working class people, and retired people. My high quality services with two year experience will be my unique selling point. 1 Market Analysis Trend Market need Business idea landscape garden More Landscape gardeners Landscape gardener Market segment The people who will buy my service for marker segment 1 Working class people 2 Single working people High earners 3 Retired people 4 Married People To find out more about my customers, I will be carrying out primary research and I will use quantitative research. I will use this to find out about the demand for the service and how much people are willing to spend. I will carry out 50 questionnaires. Here are a few of the results from my questionnaires. Below shows how much people spend in � on their garden Primary information I used primary information to find out more about my competitors. I used the yellow pages to find out how much landscape gardeners charge for cutting a hedge. Below I will show my results. Name of competitor and service Price Location Comments Berry's Garden Company Limited �40 NW11 8NP 30 metres length and 0.5 metres wide and 1 meter high Budgett Gardens �45 N13 4AJ 30 metres length and 0.5 metres wide ...read more.


For my business my main product will be providing high quality fences. Feature Benefit Market segment needs High quality service Up to 1 year guarantee on certain products, Such as fences. Skill full landscapes gardeners, That has reliable services. Well design garden, garden plan. Good focal point. Working people want to enjoy their garden. Pond with a water feature. Enhances the image of garden. Working people want to enjoy there garden. New Fences It gives you privacy. To separate gardens. Grass cut Keep garden tidy Landscape gardeners to provide the services, to people who are unable to do it. Product differentiation The way in which I can differentiate my service from my competitors, is to make it more attractive to customers is by: * I could give out guarantee on certain, expensive features of gardens. * I can give out free advice for certain features to my customer. * I could give special offer, like a 10% discount to customer if they refer my business to potential customers and friends. * Unique designs that appeal to people. Price The price level for my business decides to sell its services at will affect both the quantity of sales and the profit-margin. There are many considerations for my business will need to take into account before, I decide upon a selling price for a new product. There are many methods and strategies that I can use for pricing. I will decide to use competitor based pricing. Going rate pricing is the term used to describe a business charging a similar price to competitors for a similar product. The prices will also depend on how much the material cost. ...read more.


Cruse Hill Wood also met the standard for ISO 9000 and BS 5750 this shows that the supplier must high quality fences. When working as a landscape gardener my experience tell me that quality is more important than price. Customer comes first in order to maintain customer satisfaction. For my business customers perception of the quality of my services is the most important factor in determining success. I will use Total Quality Management this way I will aim for zero defects so I can satisfy my customers. I will be in charge for every job that goes to plan and I will make sure my worker carry out work to the 'TQM'. 'TQM' will help to relies on a single fundamental principle that should really serve as the core mission of any business: Maximize productivity while minimizing costs, of course, when looking into what goes into the process it not always as easily transformed into reality. I will seek to maintain 'TQM' by checking each job and making continuous improvements. It will make me think 'TQM' requires a new process thinking mindset. I must realize that everything I do is part of a process. Our focus shifts from managing outcomes to managing and improving processes; from what to do to how to do the processes better. Quality performance expands to include how well each part of the process works and the relationship of each part to the process. Also, process improvement focuses on continuously achieving the greatest potential benefit for our customers. I will focus on the following: * Identify necessary elements for a successful quality management approach. * Know how they fit together to successfully accomplish quality goals. * Display the most options, thus helping make the right quality management choices. Andrew Braganca Unit 6 1 ...read more.

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