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I will now be analysing and carefully looking at the Park and Ride and the Bus station.

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Geography coursework I will now be analysing and carefully looking at the Park and Ride and the Bus station. Park and Ride and Bus station To get all the necessary information I've got I firstly had to approach members of the public. I asked them prepared consisted questions, so that I knew information like, where they came from, how long their journey took and how long will they be staying for. After I had asked as many members of the public as possible, I had all the vital information I needed. When I arrived home the data was entered into a computer, so that a whole complete survey was stored on the computer. I was then able to manipulate the spreadsheet to extract the information I would need. The strengths of using the questionnaire I used was mainly that it had being used before and has been adapted so that I can get graph answers straight form the questionnaire. ...read more.


There is also two more Park and Ride stations to the south of Nottingham. Information on the Park and Ride: Average journey: 34 minutes Shortest journey: 5 minutes Longest journey: 180 minutes Ray diagram- looking at the Bus station From looking at the ray diagram I can see that most people using the Bus station originated from the south of Nottingham. Their was quite a few more exceptions this time compared with the Park and Ride, as their were eight different cases of people travelling from the north, inorder to get to the Bus station. They were from Mansfield, Southwell, Calverton, Rainworth, Newstead, Hucknall, Arnold and Ilkeston. There were probably more people coming from the south because it was closer to them. In the North of Nottingham there is a bus station at Victoria centre. Information on the Bus station: Average journey: 29 minutes Shortest journey: 5 minutes Longest journey: 90 minutes Conclusion Using my spreadsheet of information I have been able to show where people travel from in order to ...read more.


They are: * University- this was four peoples purpose * Shopping- this was 21 peoples purpose * Business- this was 1 persons purpose * Hospital- this was 1 persons purpose * Register Death- this was 1 persons purpose * Visit- this was 1 persons purpose * Work- this was 9 peoples purpose If we had come at a different time then my results would be different and it would effect my graph some what. Firstly if we had come at a later time their would be less people going shopping as the shops would be shutting soon, we might see more people who's purpose was to work as they might of now finished. Also if we had come later, all those reasons with only one person doing it, might not of come up again, as the person going to hospital would already have been and the death would of being registered. We would also get many new reasons for coming. ...read more.

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