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I would like to create a product line of four different types of mayonnaise sauce, which I can sell out to grocery stores, restaurants

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Mid Term Project MKT/610: Marketing Strategies Mostapha Hamam Davenport University Dr. Jeff Miles August ,5, 2007 Over view I would like to create a product line of four different types of mayonnaise sauce, which I can sell out to grocery stores, restaurants, and etc. Mayonnaise is a thick sauce made primarily from vegetable oil and egg yolks. Generally is yellow in color, it is a stable emulsion formed from the oil and yolks and is generally flavored with mustard, salt, pepper, vinegar, and/or lemon juice. Numerous other sauces can be created from it by adding additional seasonings. Mayonnaise is made by slowly adding oil to an egg yolk, while whisking vigorously to disperse the oil. Egg yolk contains lecithin, which acts as the emulsifier. I am making a new Mayonnaise brand called Mostapha Mayonnaise with four different tastes. That Would differ from other types of mayonnaise sold by other companies to the public. The four types of Mayonnaise are: * Regular mayonnaise: with all taste that we know about any mayo. * Fat free mayonnaise: made for people with cholesterol and heart disease. * Garlic taste mayonnaise: for garlic lovers, is olive oil mayonnaise combined with garlic * Hot taste mayonnaise: hot sauce lovers, mayonnaise with added red pepper and paprika Mission Statement: Mostapha Mayonnaise goal is to provide the highest level of service, and a good selection of products and the most competitive prices. ...read more.


I would go to gourmet stores or food trade shows and check out every other brand of mayonnaise sauce. Believe me, there are a lot. I'll need to be able to make a convincing case to retailers and consumers about how my mayonnaise sauces are different from all the others. Once I've established that my recipes are winners, I will contract with a food scientist to ensure that my products meet food safety standards when it comes to things like PH level. (The food scientist can also provide you with nutritional data for your labels.) "If it's not PH balanced, I may have to pay a state food inspector to be on site for production and inspect every batch before it's released. My first manufacturing facility is my basement, which I made it ready for my new brand. Batches of hundred or two- hundred cases, is not easy to find, because most co packer do not take less than five- hundred cases. Work on branding, design and labeling. Very small food producers aren't required by law to place nutritional data on their labels, but many stores and consumers expect it these days. Ditto for bar codes is not required, but supermarkets will insist upon them. Insurance is an important play role in business. Most supermarkets will require having at least two million of liability insurance in their name as well as mine. ...read more.


They know who the key decision makers are, what products are currently being used and what new projects are underway. Early penetration into key accounts can be accomplished by using representative with synergistic product lines. Representative are the last to be paid, only after the sale, shipment and payment by the customer. That is what makes it their main goal is to sell the product. Representative do not do "marketing research" but can provide a lot of practical in-sight for product development, pricing strategy and corporate intelligence. Conclusion Any new brand companies must take in consideration these four steps for recipient's purchase decision-making process: Awareness: the consumer is aware of the product/service but is not currently interested, or need more information to under stands the benefits Interest: The consumer is aware, develops interest and hence decides to learn more about the product. Evaluation: The consumer has sufficient evidence that the product addresses his/her need, provides a benefit, and might consider its purchase. Decision: The consumer has now taken an observable action, a purchase of a good service or the sustained adoption of an innovation. In conclusion creating a new brand was such a good experience .I learned how many new brands company go through to achieve their goals. Customer's satisfactions are the main role-play in any new brands or any other services, popularity of the products go through hard stages, it last and expand by customer happiness. ...read more.

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