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ICT and Society.

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ICT and Society Introduction I am writing this report on behalf of JMC bank and it is aimed at younger school children. In this report I am going to describe the technologies available to access information, to exchange information and to carry out transactions in relation to working styles and new employment opportunities. I am going to include examples of these technologies and comment on how they have helped us and how they can help us in the future. I am also going to give advantages and disadvantages of each technology. Types of Technologies Technology in banks has changed over many years and nowadays it easier and quicker for people to bank. Nowadays there are lots of different technical equipment that banks all over the world are using and I am going to tell you about them all. Although there are many advantages of this technical equipment there are also many disadvantages, which I will describe. Banking There are many different ways of banking nowadays and I will describe them below. Internet banking has become popular with many customers and has several advantages over traditional banking methods. ...read more.


Staff are also under a lot more pressure and competition from other high street banks to sell bank products and reach target figures. Until a few years ago cashiers did not have the protection of bullet proof glass in front of them encase of a robbery. Although the bullet proof glass is a lot less social and customer friendly it is a lot safer for the cashiers to work in. Also nowadays to work in a bank you need to have ICT skills so you can work all the different types of computers E.G. to find out customers details quickly and how to produce a statement quickly etc. In the future of banking I think that there will be updated software and technologies so that soon there will be no banks that are open due to everyone banking from home. Email - electronic mail Sending messages using a computer or electronic device. You can send email in across a local area network or via the Internet. A message usually begins with several lines of headers, followed by a bank line, and the body of the message. ...read more.


This decline is due to a shift in the personal sector as customers are using debit and credit cards in retailers instead of cheques. * Cheque volumes fell by 4.3% in 1999, reflecting a further shift by personal customers from cheque usage to plastic card and direct debit payment. Moreover business sector usage fell for the second successive year. * Three-quarters of cheques issued are for �100 or less. * Cheque payments are expected to fall by a further 41% by 2009 to 1.55 billion (some 44% of the 1990 figure). * More than four times as many payments are now made with debit cards than with guaranteed cheques. * 83% of adults have an account with a cheque facility at a bank or building society. 94% of adults have some form of bank or building society account In total nearly twelve million cheques and credits are cleared each working day. Cheque volumes reached a peak in 1990 but usage has fallen since then, mainly owing to increased use of plastic cards and direct debits by personal customers. However, cheques remain popular in the business sector for paying suppliers. Overall cheque volumes are expected to continue to fall from a level of 2.8 billion in 1999 to about 1.7 billion by 2009. Nick Rankin ...read more.

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