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ICT AS Level Coursework:- Florabunda Nurseries

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ICT AS Level Coursework:- Florabunda Nurseries Specification Problem and Background Information My project will be based upon a business run by Mrs Lynn Bloodworth, called 'Florabunda Nurseries'. This business operates primarily, a landscape gardening service and secondly, a nursery-style operation of cultivating then selling young plants. My project however, will focus on the nursery business, The business totally relies on a paper-based database, and stock checking and reordering are totally manual operations. This means extra hassle for the owner, having to go around the grounds each day to see what stock to order for the next. The orders are usually sent by fax or email, which can be integrated in my solution. The stock levels are kept day-to-day, but obviously change with whatever is in season. Resources/constraints The business has a computer in the office, but is only used to send emails and to create business logos and headed paper etc. ...read more.


A copy of the transcript is as follows: Question: What are 'Florabunda Nurseries' main areas of business? Answer: The main focus of our business is landscape gardening, but we also operate a nursery business, where we bring in seeds or young plants and cultivate them before selling them on. We grow most of our own stock and sometimes sell at the local market. Question: To what extent do you use a ICT in your business? Answer: We have a computer in the office, which is mainly used to print headed paper, to email our suppliers with orders, and just for general word-processing. Question: How is the stock checked/ re-ordered? Answer: We do not do much stock checking at all. We usually go around the suppliers and select what we need from there, so we have no real way of checking what we need and when we need it. ...read more.


I will go back to the end user after I have implemented my project, and will ask them to evaluate the new system for me. The Current System As established in the interview, the current system for stock checking and reordering stock is not very organised. The owners/employees go around to the suppliers and basically guess at what they need, which is not a very efficient way of keeping track of stock, as it is easy to forget which items have ran out of stock. The main data flows through the system are as follows: As you can see, there are lots of manual operations included in this data flow diagram. The aim of my project is to cut out these manual operations, and to make the whole system computerised, including the process of stock checking, reordering and sales reports. The new revised data flow diagram that I aim to complete is shown on the next page. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adam Spencer 02/05/07 1 ...read more.

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