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ICT Coursework Two - Database Project

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Analyse Section - GCSE ICT Coursework Two - Database Project Christopher Healey Hardware that will be used For this I will use a QWERTY keyboard for the manual input of data and the commands for the computer. I will need a mouse or trackball to design the database forms, to navigate the GUI of the OS and to move, copy and paste data. I will need to use a 31/2 inch floppy disk and drive or a CDRW disk and drive in order to save my database and to make backups of my database. I will only use a CDRW if the database exceeds 1.38-1.44 MB. CDRW's can hold from 500-700 MB of information. I will need a printer to print out the design of my database of for word documentation of the database. Software that will be used I will need to use a database creation package like MS Access, Fox Pro, DBASE II or IV or Borland Database Explorer to create my database tables, queries, forms, reports and macros easily and also program them with the Visual Basic programming script to make my database into a professional running program. According to the user requirements MS Access is the best one also because it is mostly familiar to people. I will need a word processing package like MS Word, Notepad, WordPad and Word Perfect. ...read more.


Process of information The information will be calculated by some calculation validations in the database so that certain data is updated by the computer automatically without any more manual tampering. However the calculations depend on two of more different kinds of information for it to work. So this information will be manually inputted and updated if needed and the calculation will create and automatically update its data with this other information. The database will be updated or edited when a video has changed price or new stock has arrived, and when a customers details are incorrect or moved location or changed name etc., or when a customers details are deleted because a ridiculously overdue item. Information Flow Analysis of Output Requirements The outputs that the database will have are, on screen - to see the information as the user edits updates or inputs data. The user on screen will see everything. The table, the form, the report and the queries. Another on is printed out so that the user can keep and store that as a hard copy is the system fails. The user can print out the table will all the data on it, the queries without the design, and the reports as a document so that they can send them to the customers. ...read more.


Each video needs to be catalogued and its details stored. Each member fills out a membership form in order to join the video shop. Once the member completes this form, a membership number is assigned and the form is then filled in a filing cabinet in alphabetical order by surname. The form is then filed back into the cabinet. All the loans are cross-referenced with member and video files. The overdue fee is then calculated using a calculator or calculating device. Members often ask the sales assistants whether certain videos are in stock and when they due back, or when the new releases are due to release. The sales assistant often answers the question from memory, or finds the information by looking through the files. The manager has three assistants, none of them are computer literate, but are willing to be trained. This video store has been running for 9 years. 2 years ago they started trading DVD videos for rental. The Current System and its Problems There are a lot of problems with the old system. They were that all preferences were documented on paper. This causes those preferences to be a waste of paper and will be hard and time consuming to locate, edit and update it. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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