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ICT GCSE ANALYSIS Task 1 - The LeafletA leaflet must be made to show people how to look after hamsters for the Park View Veterinary Surgery

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ICT GCSE ANALYSIS Task 1 - The Leaflet A leaflet must be made to show people how to look after hamsters for the Park View Veterinary Surgery. Format of output The output of will be a folded A4 sheet of paper, because this sheet of paper is folded. It will therefore become an A5 leaflet. The leaflet will contain text as well as graphics. The outsides of the A4 sheet of paper will mainly contain graphics and the majority of the inside will contain text. The leaflet will produce 2 separate pages, one for the inside and one for the outside. Information to be output The output of the information will contain, the veterinary surgery's name, address and phone number and the surgery opening times on the back page. The opening times will make clear that the weekend surgeries are only for urgent cases. This leaflet will also give out the hours of emergency information. The title and a hamster picture will be on the front page. The information and another hamster picture will be on the inside pages. Data needed to produce the output The input needed to produce the leaflet will be a picture of a hamster; this will be a file on disk, on the inside pages there will be text on: Handling your hamster, cages, feeding your hamster, drinking bottle and common illness and health problems. ...read more.


Testing Testing is needed in this task to show that the spreadsheet works. I must make sure that the number of dogs is less than or equal to 15 and I must test this. Here is an example of a test where there are 11 dogs in the sports club: Cost Number Total Cash Collars �1.15 11 �12.65 Rewards �1.30 8 �10.40 Cleaning �6 8 �48 Trainer Basic �20 8 �160 Trainer per dog �1.10 11x8 �96.80 Rent �13.50 8 �108 Total Cost = $435.85 Charge for each dog = �435.85/11 = �39.62 Task 3 - Website A website must be made for Park view veterinary so they are able to keep up with the technology of the other vets in the area. Format of output The output will be a website. The website will have a home page and three other pages. The three other pages will have links from the home page. Information to be output On each page there will be a heading to explain what is on the page. I must use treatment costs, dog training courses and animal of the month. Homepage On the homepage there will be the name of the surgery, surgery times and the address and phone number. There will be pictures of at least two different animals on this page. The links back to this page will have the word "home" and a little picture next to it. ...read more.


The pet record has the month and year of the last vaccination. So the customers with cats and dogs who needed a vaccination in November 2003 are the ones who had the vaccination last year at the same time. The name of the pet is in the letter, the name of the person is in the letter, the address of the person is in the letter and the date of the vaccination is in the letter. All these are the variables that we have to change in order for the mail merge to work. It will also have Rachel Burns (surgery manager) signature on the letter. Data needed to produce the output The data needed to produce the output will be; the customers name (Page 21 of the booklet), the name of the pet (Page 22 of the booklet), the customers address (Page 21 of the booklet), last year vaccination month and year (Page 22 of the booklet) and the text in the letter (Page 27 of the booklet). Desired outcomes and performance criteria The quality of the solution and the style and layout of the output is, it has to be easy to read, you must be able to change the name of the customer, name of the pet, address and the date of the last vaccination on the letter. It has to be set up as shown in the leaflet Testing I can test my system by finding the customers with dogs and cats that are due for a vaccination reminder in November 2003. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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