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AS and A Level: ICT in Business

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  1. Budgeting and management planning and control.

    business * Identifying the options available * Evaluating the options and making a selection * Setting detailed short term plans or budgets * Collecting information on performance and exercising control Setting the aims and objectives of the business: It is necessary that you should have clear mission / vision and purpose what you are trying to achieve from your business. It might be valuable some time to make a distinction between the vision and purpose. The purposes of the business are more precise than its vision/mission.

    • Word count: 2827
  2. The aim of this report is to discuss the role of management in organisations and assess the relative importance of information as a system.

    complete the job > Delegation - good managers must be willing to trust their staff and delegate responsibility and authority > Keep focused on requirements > Shield the team from distractions > Resolve conflict (Internet site 2) The role of management is to meet the demands of performing their function. (Robbins, 2003). Management is also responsible for supervising the use of organisational resources to meet its goals. (Internet site 3). Managements role consists of planning, organising, directing and controlling the resources of the organisation, these resources are people, jobs, technology, facilities, equipment, materials and information.

    • Word count: 2037
  3. Report on ethical practices of TATA Group (India)

    For example accepting a gift is ethical but accepting a bribe is unethical. As in other social entities ethics are inevitable in organizations. Research shows that ethics do pay. Unethical practices cost industries billions of dollars a year. [1] [2] Corporate social responsibility: Corporate social responsibility involves the economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic expectations placed by society on an organization. When analyzing an organization from the corporate social responsibility (CSR) point of view, it's advisable to analyze the corporate social responsiveness of the organization. Corporate social responsiveness refers to the action plan of an organization's corporate social responsibility policy.

    • Word count: 2716
  4. I am going to see what sort of ICT help a business to run successfully in order to do this I will have to know the different types of ICT used within a business and how each department copes with ICT

    * Communication - This system is also based on ICT. Internet, Intranet, extranet and e-mail are the ways to communicate in a business. Internet is a way to communicate between customers and the business. Intranet is a way to communicate between the business and the staff. Extranet is another way to communicate between the business and the staff and e-mail is to communicate within the different departments in the business or with external groups such as suppliers. This type of ICT provision can take place in various forms such as hardware and software forms, which are: - ICT takes place

    • Word count: 2670
  5. Ebay Case Study

    Named "AuctionWeb", the sites initially function like an online flea market, with buyers and sellers trading collectibles, garage sale items, and assorted junk. Omidyar encouraged organic growth of the company which continues to this day allowing sellers to decide what items to list and shaping the direction of the company through buyer and seller demand and feedback. The business which offered a free service to both buyers and sellers was initially operated out of Omidyar's living room. The site began to make a name for itself through word of mouth and the number of registered users at the site grew rapidly in late 1995/early 1996.

    • Word count: 2605

    The website needs to have a professional look and be distinct. It needs to stand out from its competitors and want to be looked at not just there for the purpose to make money but to provide a visual exciting look that will make you want to go back again. A website has to show what is marketing straight away so the customer knows exactly what to expect from the site although there have been some very successful sites that gained media attention throughout the Internet by announcing something would happen at a certain time and has a countdown.

    • Word count: 2298
  7. How Technolgy effects some in the work place

    Within the sections standard document would be filed these include such items like letterheads, forms, policies for health and safety and IT also customer details. This is a big system that holds many filing cabinets of information. How the technology is used * Searching for company policies * Checking on department holidays * Checking when people are on holiday * Completing time sheets * Finding forms i.e. new starter sheets * Logging request for actions * Checking for replies to actions * Looking up information Advantages * Documents can be stored in one central location so Chris doesn't have to

    • Word count: 2213
  8. Accounting Info Sys Design & Strategy

    These Mobile devices are often seen as an extension to our own computer. Work done on the road or away from the office can be synchronized with your PC to reflect changes and new information. I believe these functionality are what is required to compete against other competitors, in order to win the contract for the Olympics constructions The law of tender can create a minefield of problems if certain basic rules are not followed. Hence, a tendering process that goes wrong can be expensive All organisations undertake large projects that require them to invest precious resources.

    • Word count: 2261
  9. formal strategic planning in hospitality SME's

    Hospitality SME's face diverse markets and competitive pressures and it is not therefore possible to develop a prescriptive approach to the process. Strategy in the hospitality SME's will be concerned with two substantial indicators in the economy, the level of business activity and the amount of disposable income for leisure purposes. The standardisation of service to an agreed level is also a major problem for hospitality operators attempting to develop a strategic planning.

    • Word count: 2331
  10. What would you do in this situation

    Question 1. What would you do in this situation? * Close the firm Question 2. Why did you make the choices you did in each case? Justify your answer. This is because of * Competition; * Workforce which is being made by old people; and * It is my own responsibility as a manager to look for the survival of the business. Justification can be accessed in the body of the essay. Question 3. What principles or basic values for decision making did you use in each case?

    • Word count: 2087
  11. Dell is a thriving company due to the efficient alignment of its information systems plan with its business plan.

    Dell has assembly plants in Austin, Texas; Nashville/Lebanon, Tennessee; Limerick, Ireland; Xiamen, China; Penang, Malaysia; and El Dorado do Sul, Brazil (Thompson 82). Prior to 1997 assembly lines were operated in a traditional fashion, with each worker performing a single operation. Dell however has shifted to cell manufacturing techniques where a team operating at a work station assembles an entire PC to customer specifications. This has reduced assembly times by 75% and doubled productivity (Thompson 82). Dell's philosophy is to strategically partner with reputable suppliers of PC parts and components (for example Intel and Microsoft)

    • Word count: 2099
  12. Before looking at the alternative architectures available, we first need to look at the current architecture that is implemented within the company. Current Architecture Previous is a high street clothes shop

    * Upgrade the mainframe in the head office and the 50 terminals * Connect the mainframe to the World Wide Web using a firewall for security * Connect the 25 machines in the accounts department to the mainframe so that all the PCs are networked * Update the software packages held on the mainframe and all PCs to the latest Microsoft release (e.g. Windows XP and Office 2003) * Buy 15/20 new machines - these can either be used in the stores without machines or given to the accounts department and the old machines go to the shops * Buy

    • Word count: 2792
  13. The following Strategic Management plan evaluates Citigroup's competitive position and internal and external environments to determine strategic direction.

    Launching online banking services requires minimal demand on the banks existing infrastructure and resources. With Internet Banking, the Internet branch serves as the financial hub for end users' online banking needs and strengthens the brand and image. "Banks view online banking as a powerful "value added" tool to attract and retain new customers while helping to eliminate costly paper handling and teller interactions in an increasingly competitive banking environment." The key benefits of online banking to businesses and consumers are time and convenience. This convenience is the driving force in the demand and increase of online banking.

    • Word count: 2173
  14. McDonald'sThe purpose of this paper to analyze the organization through its goals, origins, stakeholders, structure, culture, technology, processes, outputs and environmental forces

    For example, in June 1976, McDonald's introduced a breakfast menu as a way to more fully utilize the physical plant. In 1980, the company rolled out Chicken McNuggets. Despite these innovations, McDonald's tremendous growth could only continue for so long. Its average annual return on equity was 25.2% between 1965 and 1991. But the company found its sales per unit slowing between 1990 and 1991. In addition, McDonald's share of the quick service market fell from 18.7% in 1985 to 16.6% in 1991.

    • Word count: 2906
  15. Microsoft Corporate Profile and Organizational Structure Overview

    PSG encompasses Microsoft's Personal .NET initiative, the Services Platform division, the Mobility group, the MSN Internet Access and Consumer Devices group, and the User Interface Platform division. The MSN & Personal Services Business Group, headed by Vice President Yusuf Mehdi, runs network programming, business development, and worldwide sales and marketing for MSN and Microsoft's other services efforts, including MSN eShop, MSN Carpoint, MSN HomeAdvisor, the MSNBC venture, Slate and MSNTV. The Platforms Group, headed by Group Vice President Jim Allchin, has responsibility for continuing to evolve the Windows platform by making services -- such as storage, communication, notification, sharing photos and listening to music -- a natural extension of the Windows experience.

    • Word count: 2374
  16. My adult is the manager of seven Shell UK LTD sites, he manages all employee's and employer's and he has control of the finance and purchasing department as a job role in his position. He uses a number uses of ICT to communicate

    Laptop * Camera phone * Calculator * Personal organiser * Digital camera Personal Social Home * Printer * PC * Camera * DVD player * Television * Video * Mobile * Emailing * Fax Machine Work * Laptop * PC * Calculator * Photocopier * Scanner * PC * Laptop * Mobile * Fax machine * E-mail Home/Personal Computer My adult uses a computer at home for many reasons such as a computer would enable jobs to be done at much greater speeds and allow for home working.

    • Word count: 2562
  17. Most of our examples that will be given are events that took place in America or in Europe. We will also be discussing the ethical and legal issues regarding Security vs. Privacy as well as incorporation of IT use.

    Privacy is a concept which applies to an individual. It is the right of an individual to decide what information (s)he wishes to share with others and also what information (s)he is willing to accept from others. As more and more of individual's daily activities involve some form of usage of electronic communication networks, the level of security of these networks against various types of intrusion or disruption has become a major concern. At stake are not only significant economic and financial interests but also public confidence in using communications networks for important transactions or for the exchange of sensitive information.

    • Word count: 2355
  18. The rules for World Schools debating were invented in Australia decades ago, as an answer to the boring styles of debating that school debaters had to take part in

    The only thing that is different is that you may be asked to speak for slightly longer or shorter in your debates. Everything else remains the same. The only thing about World Schools that is very different from what you might have seen before is something called Points of Information (or POIs for the real dorks). Points of information are a rule that lets you interrupt someone else's speech to challenge them on what they are saying - and means that the whole debate becomes a lot more fun to be in.

    • Word count: 2771
  19. The organisation I am going to investigate is the Kingsway Hall Hotel in Covent gardens in London. This hotel is an extremely luxurious hotel in the well-established, romantic area of Covent Gardens in London.

    It must do a number of difficult things which would be extremely difficult by manually. The following tables show what a manual table would be like. Kingsway Hall Hotel Bookings for week beginning .../.../...... Room No Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 001 Adam 001 Adam 001 002 Patel 687 Patel 687 Patel 687 Patel 687 003 004 005 The code name would be on a file card with the customer's name and detail's on one side and their guest history on the other like this: Adam 001 From To Room Rate Notes 11/10/90 20/10/90 505 �220 Loves Donner

    • Word count: 2845
  20. Explain what Cameron Balloons produces

    Explain what you think the business is ultimately aiming for. What targets do you think it will try to reach on the way? I think that Cameron balloons is ultimately aiming to make the best hot air balloons across the country by doing this they must follow the government recommended policies like providing customers with all aspects of production for example accurate labelling and by making sure that the design process takes environmental concerns into account. Aims and objectives Explain why setting aims is important to the business and its staff I think that it is important for Cameron Balloons

    • Word count: 2417
  21. A Comparison of Two Business' Approaches to MarketingPromotional Strategies for a Similar Service, Illustrating the Differing Techniques Used

    home insurance), Mortgages, and Travel Services. Examples of financial products and services that Barclays Bank provides to its business customers include the following: Small Business Services, Insurances (e.g. business insurance), Business Banking, International Banking, Savings Accounts, Barclays Capital- Investment Banking, and International Retail and Commercial Banking. HSBC Bank The HSBC Bank is one of the largest banking and financial services organisations in the world. The name 'HSBC' is the acronym for Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. The financial organisation was once named as 'Midlands Bank' before; it was taken over by the Chinese who renamed it to 'HSBC Bank'.

    • Word count: 2797
  22. I shall discuss the role of communication in information systems and problems that may arise from the ineffective usage of bad communications. During my gap year I worked for Mayday hospital in West Croydon.

    The programme will also be beneficial to patients, allowing them access, to certain information. One part of the scheme is concerned with creating a national computer network (similar to a WAN). A wide area network allows the connection between computers over a large geographical area, even over several countries. This will allow the communication and data to be exchanged linking hospitals, departments within hospitals, GP'S and chemists together. The reason for this being done will now help improve the sharing of patients' medical records. At Mayday hospital I found, many mistakes had occurred due to medical records being mixed up and there wasn't an appropriate system to help store a patient's history.

    • Word count: 2123
  23. United Parcel Service Goes Global

    * Structure: * Corporate Compliance Officer - this position is filled by John Beystehner, UPS's COO. He reports directly to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. * Corporate Compliance Manager - reports directly to the COO and twice yearly to the Audit Committee. * Corporate Compliance Committee - consists of senior managers from each department and subsidiary. At quarterly meetings, the committee reviews initiatives of the Corporate Compliance Department and provides input and direction. * Corporate Compliance Department - consists of project managers responsible for developing and auditing compliance programs and initiatives.

    • Word count: 2401
  24. Fro a business to successfully run, it must have sources of finance. These are methods of financing the running of the business, buying of stock and paying

    The problem with equity capital is that it is difficult to gather in the first place. It is often difficult for small and medium sized businesses to find individuals to provide equity. Or, if the business is a sole proprietorship, the owner may be short of money to provide equity. Retained profit is also the most important source of finance for large businesses in the UK. Once the business has been set up, it will want to make a profit. This profit is owned by the owners of the business. Retained or undistributed profit is where these profits are kept back for use within the business.

    • Word count: 2102
  25. The business that I have decided to set up is a chip shop. There is no food places in Hamiltonsbawn so I think my business would be appreciated. Thing needed from the business:SurviveIncrease turnover

    * I must find out the type of business I want mine to be e.g. sole trader, partnership.... * To be successful I need to investigate Finance i.e. banking needs, legal obligations, market, capital, other resources and most important equipment. * I would also need to find out where premises are and, if I can get sources of assistance etc... * To get suppliers I will go onto the internet and search for ideal and recommended suppliers. * When I have received all my information I will compile it together, evaluate and make a conclusion on my completed booklet.

    • Word count: 2033

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