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AS and A Level: ICT in Business

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  1. Analysis of The Cadbury company.

    it merged with Schweppes are to produces confectionery such as crunchie, twirl, roses, mini egg, whole nut, Cadbury's Milk Tray and beverages such as Dr Pepper and Seven up. Cadbury and Schweppes have 180 brands. Now these days Cadbury and Schweppes the business is functional it is owned by many shareholders (some of whom are members of staff). The company employs around 38,000 people worldwide but in Britain 12,000 employees. The company owns 7,500 vehicles that are used for the business (delivery) in Britain. In Britain there are 17 Cadbury and Schweppes sites. Ownership Cadbury is a public limited company.

    • Word count: 8334
  2. Setting up a computer business

    I found the following competitors and information about them there are some places that sell computer systems as an extra e.g. Tempo, Curry's, Comet and Dixon's. The computers these company's sell are all top of the range high expense systems. Company's that specialise in these systems are companies such as Mays and Pc world. I think that my business will be successful because it provides budget computers which suit people's needs and don't exceed people's needs. And my company upgrades them not many other company's upgrade computers.

    • Word count: 3196
  3. E-commerce case study - Online Music Bussiness.

    Artists need good songs to perform and sometimes they need composers to create or compose the songs. However an artist can compose their own songs and sing them. Managers The representatives of composer, artist and the producer are the mangers. They manage the daily dealing of the above mention people with the recording companies and the publishers. They generally manage the day to day aspects of artist careers. Production companies The production companies may be made up of producers, composers, musicians and tour managers. Their main job is to create an image or brand of an artist and then sell it to record companies. Their main job is to develop the career of an artist or musician.

    • Word count: 5235

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