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ICT in Organisations.

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ICT IN OGANISATIONS General company information The jet petrol band was started in the 1950's by a Yorkshire entrepreneur, John Billy Roberts whom wanted to offer the motorists high quality fuel at competitive prices. The jet name originates from the number plates of the first petrol tankers bought in Rotherham (J.E.T. being the Rotherham registration letters). In 1961, Jet was bought by conoco limited, a UK subsidiary of the international oil company conoco inc., which built of jets low price tradition. As part of Conoco Limiter's ongoing program to optimize its U.K. marketing performance, the company today announced the sale, for an undisclosed sum, of 175 company-operated Jet service stations in the U.K. to Fuel force Limited, a newly-created independent fuel retailer. Fuel force Limited is supported by the Debt Ventures team of The Royal Bank of Scotland. Size, (staff/costumers) Under the sale agreement, Conoco will supply petroleum products to the outlets that Fuel force will continue to operate under the Jet brand. The sale increases Conoco's Jet-branded dealer network from 388 to more than 560 outlets. Today jet has approximately 600 outlets all around the country. As you know, there has been and always will be a lot of demand for petrol as it is a key element in which people need in order to transport around. ...read more.


Head office uses this information provided to print out wage slips for the cashiers and then send it back to the site along with the wages. If Jet did not keep records of all this information then the company could go bankrupt and would have to shut down. ICT is used for: * financial modeling and forecasting using spreadsheet software. * presenting reports and financial documents using word processing and Microsoft access. * spreadsheet software for keeping staff data. * producing trial balances, profit and loss accounts and balance sheets using an accounting package. * communicating internally and externally using email and faxes to other Jet sites. * calculating and paying salaries using a payroll package and Microsoft excel. * paying suppliers for goods and services using financial management software (since 2001, Head office supplies stock to sites when needed to). Purchasing buys such as raw materials and machinery parts needed to manufacture the products Jet sells. This function is important to Jet because without it the company would not be able to produce any products to put in its stores in the first place and so would not be able to make a profit. Purchasing uses ICT to: * Produce and track orders for items they want to buy, then sent to head office. ...read more.


Every Year, Jet petrol stations earn � 5 billion out of which �2 billion is profit. Sales in the UK provide approximately 90% of this �5 billion ( half from petrol and the other from other needs. Information from the site computers is used to work out from the average income weekly, monthly or annually for each store. Collating the income from sites univocally, by county or nation-wide assists in drawing up budgets along side the main office for Jet which is situated in Beacon Fell. This means the strategies that are working can be used elsewhere and others that are less effective can be scrapped. ICT provides managers with a up-to-date information about all aspects of the business. The planning of financial strategy is a vital area of the company's existence. Input and output devices which is used by Jet. > VDU monitors/ including touch screens > Printers > Keyboards > Barcode scanners > Hub > Router > Pocket-drive > Zap drive > Various USB ports > Credit card scanners > Credit card machine > Receipt machine These are all the devices which are used by Jet to help them with there sales, Finance and general needs. Conclusion I have seen that organisations/companies use ICT to help them in what is required by them. For a company/organisation to be able to be successful. ICT Coursework How and why organisation uses ICT Mr Creswell Unit 2 Ridwan Patel Candidate no;9679 Centre no: 13216 ...read more.

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