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ICT - information

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Lauren Middleton Chapter 2 Questions 1. A) It is very important to have the date that the report was produced on it because having this information on the report would tell anyone using it when it was produced. Knowing when it was produced is very important because then you are able to see whether or not the information, which is on the report which you want to use is up to date or not. B i) Up to date information will be essential to the manager because, he has had the report done, to see how the business is going. If the information given to him about the business is not up to date, then it is likely he is reading information, which is now actually untrue because things have changed since that information had been collected. - An example of this would be, if the manager of a company wanted an annual report of how his company was doing, and he was given last years report, this would be no help to him because it was a year old, and he would think that no profits were made between this year and last. ...read more.


This then means that the information is useless and has no value. - Up to date - if the information was not up to date, then it would be useless, because for example, if a shop, wanted a list of their cliental. And they were given a list from three months ago, this would be no good, because clients could have left, and they could have gained more, so there fore this information has no use and so in turn no value. - Relevant - if information given out is not relevant to the context in which it is used, there is no point to it. For example a list showing a group of students from one school, listing the marks they got in every module, would not be very useful if they wanted the percentage pass rate for teachers to review their work. 3. A) Two possible consequences of using the stock control system in this way are; - If a customer asked for a certain product to be reserved because the computer said that it had one left. ...read more.


B) The hotel may get a lot of complaints from people who have been sent offers, if they use the list from 2002, because people may not have used that hotel for 4 years and so would not be happy to hear from it. Or even worse a partner from 2002 may have passed away, and if the other half receives information addressed to the deceased then this might upset them, and so they might make a complaint all because the hotel did not use up to date information and so have caused distress which is not needed. Another example of an effect that could be put upon the hotel is that no response from many people what so ever, because is was so long ago that they first stayed in the hotel, they jus use the information as junk mail and chuck it in the bin, the hotel are better off looking at a more targeted audience. ...read more.

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