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ICT: Long Project Analysis - Travel Agency

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Analysis: GCSE AQA: Long Project My client, Michael Long, owns a travel agency called Lee's Holidays. This has been a long established business and as business continues to thrive, he is becoming increasingly more disorganised and is constantly losing some of his files, which causes him to lose customers resulting in a loss of money and a decrease in profits. Currently, he uses hand written documents and stores them away in filing cabinets which take up quite a bit of space. This is extremely inefficient as it takes him a long time to pull up files which makes his customers wait. Furthermore, the files sometimes get lost or misplaced which takes even more time to sort out. This isn't good as most travel agencies use computers to enable them provide a good service that is fast and efficient. He has a computer, which he doesn't use much so he has little knowledge with computers therefore, if my solution involves the use of ICT, it will have to be simple to use and user friendly. I have been asked to create a system to make his business easier to administrate. Also, it has to be easy to use so he will be able to use it quickly because he doesn't know much about computers and often finds it confusing. Current Problems and sub-problems: * Files and data are being stored in filing cabinets at the moment o Files from the filing cabinets are constantly lost o A lot of time is taken to check and see if a destination is still available because all ...read more.


Also, the spreadsheet will not be linked so bookings will be made by typing in the cells. The spreadsheet is a reusable solution because all the data can be deleted and sorted when ever it is needed to. This will keep the system always up to date and available. Another way of tackling the problem is by creating a database using a software package. In a relational database, when data on one table is changed, the same data on other tables and forms is also changed, therefore, they are reusable. The database could be set up to store information on destinations and customers etc. and be able to search selected ones. The end user, the staff of Mr Long's business, will also be able to run queries to pull up certain pieces of information. They can be adjusted so that wanted information will come up; therefore, the queries are a reusable aspect. They will also be able to add, delete and sort out all the records. This solution can be used over and over again unlike hand written files that have to be thrown away and written up again whenever there is a new change. The data in the database will just have to be altered whenever there is a change and have the changes saved so the tables are reusable. Alternatively, Mr Long could hire a new member of staff who will be in charge of sorting out the files. The person must be qualified and dedicated to their job and very organised to keep all the files in order. ...read more.


Also, print outs of destinations the customer is interested in will need to be made so the customer can take them away and decide which one they want to go to. Furthermore, booking confirmation will also need to be printed out and given to customers. Additionally, mail merged letters will need to be made. Information to be output: * Mail merged letters * Details of customers (Address, name etc.) * Destinations available with details (Airline companies etc.) * Hotels available with details (Country, grade etc.) * Bookings * Print out of reports Data needed to produce output: I will go through each piece of information in the filing cabinet and put it into the database system that I am going to make. I will put it into tables as I go along. * Address from the holiday guide * Addresses of hotels from brochures/internet * Descriptions of holidays from the travel brochures the business uses * Details of the current customers Lee's Holidays have in their filing cabinets. * The company logo from Mr. Long Testing: I will need to test the database to see if it works properly or not and if it doesn't; I will need to make a few adjustments. The buttons will need to be checked to see if they work. The validation should work with no problems. The mail merge letters should also give the correct information. All the results of the query need to be merged into the letters. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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