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ICT Presenting Information.

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ICT Presenting Information Coursework Robert Scott A card based catalogue is a system of keeping information in a paper based format. You write basic details about one item such as its name, price, colour, size etc. All the cards would have similar details, set out in the same way the cards are then set in alphabetical chronological or numerical order. An advantage in having a card-based system is that information can not be lost due to technological faults or breakages in the form of power surges viruses etc. A disadvantage in using the system is that it's almost impossible to store or locate exact information like a Size 18 pair of trousers for woman there are often too many pieces of conflicting information. A computer data-base is data that's stored on a computer in a database program "Microsoft Access. It's a collection of related data items which are structured and linked so that the data can be accessed in a number of ways. ...read more.


A Glossary is a list of often difficult or specialized words with their definitions; it's placed the back of a book. Using Email is better than fax because it's quicker and because it's free. A disadvantage of using Email is that its not direct communication the person your sending the email to may not be logged on therefore you message will be there unnoticed When sending pictures and information using Email is better because a computer monitor has a higher resolution output than the toner on a fax machine the picture will be sharper and in colour on a computer rather than black and white. In order to send a picture via e mail you Need to log on to your account then you need to write the email address of the person your sending the picture to then you in to add an attachment and select your picture. Ict Base Sources of Information are * Cd ROMs * The Internet * Teletext * Bulletin Boards "Air Ports and Train ...read more.


To check that work is free of errors you can use a spell checker you can also get it looked at by another person then amend it then get it looked at by another person and see if tree are still mistakes init. You can prevent unauthorised access to information by Password protection you can also use a Firewall you can encrypt you files or you can use anti virus software. Physical methods of preventing unauthorised access to data would be to encrypt you work on a re writeable Cd you could also use a tower clamp which would enable any one to turn on you pc with out a key. To keep work safe you should Create system restore points ever time you add more information to you work, You should also back up you work on a sprite device such as a re writeable DVD OR CD ROM or by using a card reader. ...read more.

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