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ICT & Sales

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ICT & Sales The sales department of an organisation is the one you will be most familiar with as it is the one you see as a customer. The main responsibility is to make sure that the organisation sells its product to help it make a profit. The sales department can be combined with the marketing function to sell the product. The main functions of the sales department are as follows: * Daily communication with customers * Dealing with customer orders * Keeping customers up to date with the progress of orders * Liaising with other departments to ensure the availability of products * Keeping details of customer information Giving after sales service when the product has been delivered. How ICT is used in Sales * Computerised order systems o Customer orders are processed by large relational database systems containing one table for product information and one for customer information. The key field can be either the customer number or product code. o Many businesses allow customers to enter their orders directly onto the computerised system using the Internet. * Customer Databases o Once an organisation has a customer's details they like to keep records on that customer. Records can be used to market new products specifically to customers who have shown an interest in that product type. ...read more.


ICT & Operations How the operations department uses ICT will depend on the exact nature of the business. All organisations use computers but different systems are used to control processes. Here are some common uses of ICT in the Operations function Manufacturing Organisations * CAD (Computer Aided Design) o CAD software allows organisations to design and test new products without having to physically produce models. The design is made in a 3D view so it can be rotated to see different angles. The software allows tests to be done on screen and gives fairly accurate results. * CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) o The information about the product that has been designed is fed into a CAM system, the information will include things such as dimensions and materials required. The CAM system can calculate how to manufacture the product. If robots are used they will be programmed via the CAM system. There may also be feedback from robots or machines with sensors to help the CAM system be more accurate. * Quality Control o Software can be used to test the quality of the product, sensors may take weights & measurements or lasers can be used to check the thickness of coating materials. ...read more.


The purchasing department has to manage the stock to ensure the smooth running of the organisation. If there is not enough stock then the organisation will not be able to supply their customers and they will go elsewhere. If there is too much stock it needs to be stored and will affect the finance department as money will be "tied up" in stock. The ideal solution is "just in time" purchasing which means the supplies arrive just as they are needed. To achieve a good stock control system is needed. How ICT is used in Purchasing * Stock Control Systems o Delivery tracking - When an order has been placed the organisation can check the progress of the order to see when it will be delivered. Each order is given a Unique Reference Number (URN) which is the order's reference on the database. You can see an example of this when you make a purchase from a company such as Amazon. o Automatic Stock Re-ordering - A good stock control system keeps an accurate record of what is currently in stock and has an automatic re-order level which will give a message (or place the order) when a certain level of stock has been reached. This sort of system is typically used in supermarkets to keep a good level of stock in store. ...read more.

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