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ICT- Studying a cmpany and its uses of ICT

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ICT- STUDYING A COMPANY AND ITS USES OF ICT ( EDEXCEL) The following report is about how Boots uses ICT in the four main functional areas of the company: sales, purchasing, finance and operations and how ICT helps the business. I will be looking in detail at how ICT is used by Boots Retail to manage the operation of its stores in the UK. I have visited the Boots manufacturer in Beeston and the Boots store in Nottingham to collect this information. I have also visited the Boots website. Boots is one of the best known retailers in the UK. It dispenses medicines and sells healthcare products such as toiletries and drugs. Recently it has started to offer health and beauty services such as laser eye treatment, dentistry and nail bars. The Boots Advantage Card scheme has almost 14 million members and gives Boots useful information about what customers buy. Boots has a very wide range of customers because of all the different products it sells, although women are particularly attracted to Boots. products and services. It also has some products which target certain groups of people such as teenagers and young people, men, elderly people etc. ...read more.


More than half a million tests are carried out on products, raw materials and packaging each year. ICT makes it easier to ensure that all the products manufactured are of a consistently high standard. This is very important since they are meant to improve health and wellbeing. If the wrong amounts of ingredient were used by mistake the result could be terrible. _ CAD software is used to design packaging which is attractive to look at and environmentally friendly. _ The warehouse where goods are stored once they are made is computer- controlled. Robots store the goods on shelves in the warehouse and load the lorries making deliveries to the shops. Communication methods Boots uses ICT in many different ways for communication. If the company needs to communicate with its customers it uses letters or telephone calls as they are more formal and so suitable ways to contact customers. Boots uses .mail merging. to send the same information to all its customers eg details of the Boots Advantage Card. Boots has its own internal intranet which can only be used by employees. It acts in the same way as a normal internet website except it cannot be accessed by outsiders. ...read more.


Advantage Card Boots needs to know as much as possible about its customers. likes and dislikes so that it can provide the products and services they want. The Boots Advantage Card scheme is a good way of doing this. It is a loyalty card scheme that gives customers rewards and treats for shopping at Boots and gives Boots lots of information about its customers. Almost 14 million people are members of the scheme. They get 4 points for every pound they spend on products or services in any Boots store or on the internet. Points can be spent on anything which has an asterisk on the shelf price ticket. You need 569 points to pay for something that costs �5.69. In most stores there is an Advantage Point machine which gives members information about promotions and extra points. Once they have inserted their Advantage Card into the machine, they can browse through the special offers and choose what they are interested in buying. The machine prints out vouchers for them to use with their card. There is also an Advantage Card website giving information about offers and promotions. Every time a member uses the card to have points added or to use points to pay for something, details of what they have bought, when and where are captured and stored in a database. ...read more.

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