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Identity theft

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Identity theft On the internet Computers have completely revolutionised the way we live and work. They have evolved just as people have. They are great, for data processing and for word processing. The possibilities of the things we can achieve with computers are endless. But just when things couldn't have got any better, the Internet came along. This is a superhighway of information, stored in millions of different servers around the globe, which can be accessed at the touch of a button. Their have been huge developments such as e-mail which can be accessed from anywhere in the world. You can even go to the super market from the safety of your home! But it's not all good news. As the internet and computers have developed and become more complex, so have the criminals that use them. ...read more.


In some scenarios cars are even bought. The thieves have also been known to sell the information that they obtain to other people. A fifty-seven year old woman, named Sandi Cullers, who lives in New York City, had $250,000 stolen from her, after thieves obtained her social security number and date of birth. They used this money to buy clothing, electronics, and other expensive merchandise, in 2002. A police Lt. Mark Johnson said; "Identity theft, that claims 50,000 new victims each year, occurs when someone gains control of personal information to commit fraud, for economic gain. The crime has grown quickly in recent years because of the internet, thieves have devised elaborate schemes to persuade people to give them personal information ".The ways in which we can prevent this from happening are by enforcing encryption on top of unsecured websites where private credentials are submitted, and implementing a more secure connection to the internet by installing a firewall on everyone's computer. ...read more.


Finally I would like to conclude by saying that I strongly believe that computer development companies such as Microsoft who create the operating systems which we use every single day, in all different working environments, for all different purposes, should integrate a security defence system, which will target any malicious and suspicious hacker or software, trying to access the person's computer. In this software, the person or company responsible for planting this 'spying software' would be traced from anywhere in the world and then their I.P (internet protocol which is assigned specifically to each individual computer or server in the world) would be sent to a special security server, and then they could be traced and prosecuted, which would finally put an end to identity theft, on the internet. By David Burns ...read more.

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