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Improving Performance In The Work Place

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By: Michaela Louise Burnett Tutor: Stephen Taylforth Improving Performance in the Workplace BTEC NATIONAL DIPLOMA Submission Date: June 2008 Terms of Reference * Set By: Stephen Taylforth * Produced by BTEC NATIONAL to help us understand the different aspects of setting up your own business, and the different aspects of improving the performance within the workplace and how this helps achieve business strategic aims and objectives. So in the future, I will have the knowledge to be able to set up my own business if I wish to and understand the approaches employed to enhance working relationships with team colleagues within an organisation. * Date Due In: June 2008 Procedures I produced this assignment by investigating the development of individual achievements to help achieve performance targets. I did this by exploring the use of time-management issues to achieve performance objectives and by considering the approaches employed to enhance working relationships with team colleagues. This report is word-processed using Microsoft word. Contents * Section 1: Introduction, * Section 2: key issues of effective time management, * Section 3: PowerPoint presentation, * Section 4: The impacts of quality standards and quality audits, * Section 5: Bibliography Michaela Louise Burnett ******************** Section 1; Introduction Task 1. (P1) Describe the development of an individual to achieve performance targets in a selected occupational role Introduction: This report is being produced to help further the understanding of improving performance in the work place. This section will cover a development description, to help understand the strengths and weaknesses of an individual, to overall help identify opportunities to improve and to locate the threats they currently have. This analysis tool will help identify the strengths of a person and what specifications to look for when searching for new employment. This will be based around my self and how a SWOT analyses can help search for a new job role in regards to my personal skills and quality's. ...read more.


However prioritising my time so I can manage it more effectively will help me obtain the equilibrium I need between college and my social life, so I can spend more time doing assignments to overall get a better outcome. However on balance this does not seem to effect my college work, from past recording as I always achevie the highest mark possible. * Time wasting From analysing my time log results, most of my time is wasted from browsing the internet through out the day and replying to friends emails, however I have cut this down to two hours a day allowing me more time to carry out more productive tasks like reading and completing coursework ahead of schedual to review the work I have done to overall achieve better results. Also I have recognised that I am easily distracted by everything that comes along while I am studying. This often makes me loose time distracting me from what I was doing and loosing the concentration. Another important factor affecting my time schedule is the long time I need to get ready before leaving the house, also due to the interruptions from chatting on MSN, email and phone calls. * Procrastination Also I have learned form the summary results, I do tend to procrastinate when it comes to completing important task, even though I tend to over come this quite quickly my main weaknesses are chatting, leaving important work until the last minute and difficulties in starting to concentrate to work or study. This defines me as a person aware of my tendency to procrastinate but who work hard to keep it under control. This is especially before starting to study. I have identified my self as an "Excessive Socialiser", as I tend to get interrupted and distracted by my friend, especially chatting through MSN and Bebo, and as a "Perfectionist", as I always set myself high aims and want to achieve high results and marks, looking for more improvements all the time. ...read more.


It also encourages improvement towards effective and efficient achievement of the organisation's objectives. Leaving room for continual improvement within the fixed standards ensures the existence of a certain amount of flexibility within the process. This may prove necessary to stimulate for efficient means of doing things within the company, especially with regards to innovative ways of managing finance. A quality assured system increases customer confidence and a company's credibility, to improve work processes and efficiency, and to enable a company to better compete with others. Below is an example of the processed followed t help meet customer satisfaction. Conclusion Overall from the above information I conclude that quality is all about continuous improvement in an organisation; it necessarily involves ongoing training and development for all staff. Employees of modern organisations need to be trained in approaches to quality such as total quality management and benchmarking. If individuals are going to be best able to contribute to helping the organisation continually to improve, they need to be fully in tune with the organisations objectives. At the same time, the organisation needs to understand the development objectives of the people who work for it. ISO 9001 Certificate is the best standards and will help the care home pull in more customers primarily assuring them of high quality standards that are internationally approved. Recommendations: In addition to the above I recommend that the Hazel House Care Home Ltd could have improved the transaction of the standard to its employees by providing the adequate training upon the installation of the new system, this would have made its workforce more prepared and motivated to adapt their new skills to the new standards. However the care home did seek professional advice and did do a lot of research and preparation before applying the standard to help them be successful. From the case study the company has been very successful and has benefited from the IS0 certification and should continue to monitor and measure their performance to help them stay on track. ...read more.

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