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In 750-1000 words, explain the limitations of the marketing research methods used by SERC to contribute to the development of its marketing plans (M2) and make justified recommendations for improving its validity.

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´╗┐Introduction to Marketing Merit2 and Distinction2 In 750-1000 words, explain the limitations of the marketing research methods used by SERC to contribute to the development of its marketing plans (M2) and make justified recommendations for improving the validity of the marketing research used to contribute to the development of SERC?s marketing plans (D2). SERC use various research methods, including:- 1. Open days 2. Geographical Information Systems (G.S.I) 3. Flyers 4. School visits 5. Online Surveys 6. Discussion groups There are many limitations within each of these research methods. Theses limitations can affect the accuracy of the research collected. Open Days Open days can only be held at certain times of the year. They are held towards the end of the school year for those wishing to enrol in a course starting the following September. Open days are usually held during a week day afternoon. As many of those wanting to enrol are still attending school, they are unable to attend the open day at the same time. ...read more.


If the individual using the system is not frequently trained, then it could lead to misuse and imprecise data being collected. It will require regular maintenance to ensure that it remains relevant, in working order and up to date. The information it stores will have to be accurate so as to help the college obtain useful information. For this system to function well, staff must be trained to a high level so as to be able to analyse information correctly. The information must be collected regularly to keep records fresh. They cannot just collect the data when oversubscription or problems occur. Online Surveys SERC send many online surveys throughout the year to their students. These surveys take time and effort to create. They must ensure these surveys ask the correct questions in order for them to obtain the information they want it to give. One limitation that could really cause a set back would be the respondent, and if the information that the respondent has supplied is honest and reliable. ...read more.


Keeping flyers accurate and to the point can help make them more appealing to those reading it. If there is too much detail the main point of the flyer gets lost and it then becomes useless. The flyer needs to reach the correct geographic and demographic areas in order for it to reach its desired audience. Without the desired audience there wouldn?t be a reason to produce the flyer. School Visits School visits take time, organisation and costs SERC money to take a member of their staff out of the college to do these visits. Ensuring that the visits are aimed at the correct audience could also be an obstacle. The information and use of the visits may not benefit SERC, and would be useless to the research they may wish to obtain from the visits. By visiting various classes within different schools and not just one, it allows SERC to obtain a larger sample of information for the research conducted. Those members of staff conducting the visits also require to be trained and have knowledge of what they are speaking about, rather than just any member of staff. ...read more.

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