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In a sales team, communication skills are vital. They are vital because good communication skills allow someone to make important contributions to a team.

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M3 Compare the contribution of the different skills described in Task 4a whilst used within a team-working environment. Communication Skills In a sales team, communication skills are vital. They are vital because good communication skills allow someone to make important contributions to a team. In a team, the most important attribution is good clear communications. Good clear communications is important to a team because it helps to avoid mistakes, misunderstandings being made. Clear communication can be a tool used to effect motivation in a positive way. Being tactful this allows you to turn negative into positive. De-motivation occurs because of lack of communication. As a result this will lead to lack of punctuality. Good communication will improve motivation and increase company performance. In addition to that, good communication between team members will enforce standards and show what standards management expects. However, poor communication can lead to low or no motivation on the part of employees. As a result, this can lead to poor punctuality, low motivation, low confidence and low-esteem. ...read more.


If members within a team are going to work successful then the members will need to be able to understand and recognise each others differences as individuals. Another method is to get to know tea members by making face to face contact and through social encounters. When dealing with criticism, bad criticism can lead to low confidence and self esteem. Bad criticism can result in either two things happening; the person on the end of the criticism can be motivated by it or de-motivated by it. However, it is how the critique gives the4 criticism out is important. If it's in a positive way fro example, a teacher is talking to a student and says "look Deborah, you have done some fantastic work here but I think you need to add a little bit more detail here and you will defiantly achieve the grading criteria". This kind if criticism would give me the motivation to complete it and make sure I reach the criteria. ...read more.


* Effective listening- important because if you do not listen you will not know what to do. In addition to that listening as well as talking is needed or effective communication. * Sincerity- Important because you have to be sincere and honest when communicating with others as this makes you appear as a better person. * Concern for team members- important because when another person who is doing a task and you show concern, they will be more often than not return the favour and as a result the team will perform at a much higher level. * Building morale/confidence Important because if your team has members who have low morale and low confidence they will not be motivated to complete the tasks that I as the team leader have set. * Questioning- Important because you need to be able to ask appropriate questions. * Defusing and resolving conflict- Important because when conflicts arise it is important that you solve it in an unbiased way that suits both parties. Communication is the most important factor within a team. It is the deciding factor in whether or not a team reaches the targets that have been set. ...read more.

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