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In my opinion the management style that Laing homes uses is the conservative style of management.

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Task 2.3 In my opinion the management style that Laing homes uses is the conservative style of management. This type of management style is when someone goes who is underneath a boss and asks him or her for his or her opinion before they do that specific job. This is for example when they buy land and the people having to consult their superiors then as a result they can buy the land. In Laing homes there is a number of series of mecninism. This is basically when Lang homes send out letters to the people within the company. Newsletters this is called. Laing homes use a lot of team briefing. Laing homes also have something called the suggestion box. This is when the people within the company can suggest ways of making the business even better both working wise and making the profit wise. This helps Laing to learn more about the employees and their needs within the company so that they can improve it for all of them so that they can have a good atmosphere within the company so that the morale is high and then they can then get the best out of them thus making the business better. On most occasions the best ideas come form the shop floor believe it or not. ...read more.


In the meetings they discuss many things like how to improve the business. These meetings happen once every fortnight. All of the managers of separate departments then call each other and arrange this. There is the finance department and then there is the research and development department then there is the commercial manager then there is the construction manager then there is the marketing manager and when they meet with each other they all report back to each other how they are doing. Then when these managers meet with each other in the board meetings they then report back to their staff and they then have a staff meeting when they discuss if there are any problems and when they do this is the staff have a problem they then tell their managers and the problem with this system is that it takes 2 weeks to then discuss the problems that the staff have and that is very wrong and that is being very stupid and I disagree with this. Then there are staff meeting where certain factions of the people then see each other in meetings and they discuss certain problems then there is the informal meetings where if there are any problems between the people then they could sort out their problems of there are problems naturally. ...read more.


As a result what they do is have a family type of feeling within the business so that they are able to relate to each other because as I have said before it is hard to get to the top bosses. At the end of the day both of these two interrelate because they are able to do so because as a result of this tall structure they have to have a family style of business so that they are able to speak to the bosses and make it easier to talk to each other so that then they company is able to seek everybody and what they want and what they want to do and that no one feels small within the company and also so that they don't feel sad if no one listens to them This is very typical within building businesses to have a democratic style of work. This is because there are a lot of branches in the systems of the building departments in places like barret homes and also wimpy because that's how the business is like. As a result of this then it is well suited to the business as I have said before at the top these style and types of business is good for the building sites as my reasons have been declared above. ...read more.

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