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In order to find out what consumers look for in a accessories shop we have produced the following questionnaire.

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Our business idea is to sell jewelleries mainly for girls. At this idea people will able to buy jewelleries such as rings, necklaces, earrings and many other things. We have chosen to sell our products in Queen's Park College that is in the London Borough of city of Westminster. We are providing this service as people have to wear accessories, the accessories we will sell will be elegant and above all our services will be cheap and convenient. There are many different retail shops outside the Queen's Park College supplying various services and goods such as a newsagent shop, pub and a fish and chip shops. But there are no accessories services available. We have chosen to sell accessories as simply because there is no accessories shop available at Queens Park College. Our business will be called Reneboy and Pravin accessories partnership. Our business will be a partnership operator as this is the easiest way to set up. Being a partnership there are less regulations that we would have to comply with but with selling accessories we will have to obtain permission from the head of the College. ...read more.


We will use the method of random sampling we have chosen this as it is convenient. The above pie chart shows the number of males to females in the college. The pie chart shows that more men go to college than women, as women are more likely our customer we have spotted a problem. The above graph shows the number of people we interviewed and how many consumers buy accessories. The graph clearly shows that the average person we interviewed buy accessories at least three times a week. By doing the above survey we have found out that the demand exists for our business would likely to run efficiently. The above graph has indicated to me that demand for our service exists. The graph clearly shows that the number of people buying accessories is positive and there are potential customers out there. The above graph shows how many people that we interviewed would buy accessories in our business. The results are a very good indication of that the business would run effectively. ...read more.


Finance In order to run our business effectively we need to sufficient amount of finance and the management of money is a crucial aspect. How ever the costs of opening our business are in a small amount. To be able to run an effective business we will have to use our own money. Conclusion We believe that we have completed the business plan to the best of our ability and also took into account the various aspects needed to run a successful business. In order to complete the business plan accurately and also taking into account the latest changes in the market. We had to find out if the business we would produce a plan for would work. We had done extensive market research to find out this. The market size was a bit difficult to measure but our questions in the questionnaire and ourselves observing lead us to expect that our products have a place in the market. Overall we feel our business will gain a lot of custom in a relatively small period of time. We feel that we have taken all the necessary procedures into account whilst producing this business plan. ...read more.

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