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In this assignment I am going explain how the gathered information by Newham sports centre can be used for many specific tasks in the organisation.

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In this assignment I am going explain how the gathered information by Newham sports centre can be used for many specific tasks in the organisation. There are many topics that I will go through and also give examples with the sports club.

List of gathered information

  • Gaining advantage
  • Analysis
  • Operational support
  • Decision making –operational, tactical, strategic

Gaining advantage

Being able to take advantage of other organisations, such as competitors, this will allow the organisation to have a greater edge at the financial market. Newham sport club will have competition with other sports club, so they will need to have ideas that will help them be ahead of their competitors, by attracting consumers. There are many ways they can take advantage, for example selling products like basket balls at a cheap price while comparing it with other competitors or advertising. Advertising on the internet or on leaflets will attract more consumers.


To be effective, sports club managers must understand their own data. They must be to look at tables or charts of performance data and be able to explain any anomalous values (these are values that are   unusual and not expected).  For example a chart for the sports club to display the staff on annual leave means efficiency in the sports club will be affected, the sports club will run less efficiently. Or for example any profit making business like Newham sport club could produce a chart every week or two, to see if they are making any profit or if they are losing profit. This will also allow the sports club to find the reason for the business running less efficiently Problems such as staff are not trained properly to use gym equipments. This will make the members in the sports club come less because they don’t know how to use the equipment and also they are getting inefficient help. So to stop this problem they will have to train staff properly.

Operational support

To support the businesses daily activities, organisations will need to have access to information. Operational support can be divided in two categories: monitoring and controlling. Finding out how much stock of product the business has to sell is one of the types of information will use in order to help monitor its activities in the business.  Another is control information the sports club will need to have record of what they have purchased from suppliers the last couple of days.

Decision making

Decision making plays a big part of a business, mostly when a problem takes place in the business and the business will need to make the right decisions to resolve it. Management can take these definitions at different levels: operational, tactical or strategic.

Operational decisions

There are various decisions about the establishment of activities. For example staffs is off sick, the company will need to know which person is suitable with the same job role and who has called in sick today and how long they are likely to be away from work. Another example can be, an employee in the sports club has taken 1 week off, Newham sports club will need to know who has taken one week off so they can find a cover for that employee for the time /she/she has taken holiday.

Tactical decision

These are the decisions about what will happen to the business in the future, for example after five years time. Market research often informs the decisions, to make sure that the company remains safe from problems within the time limit given.

An example of this can be, Newham sports club want to be one of the most successful business within the first year of the business. They want to create a new soda product, so they need to know the information about competitor’s products and what they are making. As well information about customers what customers changing wants are. Another target they can set themselves is aiming for 2,000 new members for the first year. This will make the sports club population bigger as well as being successful financially due to all the members paying to use their equipments.

Strategic decisions

These decisions are vital for any business. This is because decisions that have a long time frame and require organisations to look into the near future, to see if the business will be successful financially or fail to become a major market and become bust. This is why these decisions are often risky.

For example Newham sports club may want to make decision on expanding the business. They will need to make estimates on how the sports club will develop over the next five to ten years. Another example can be, that the sports club are thinking of buying a large premises, they will need to find the cost of the premises, including overheads like taxes and utility costs like lightings.

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