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In this assignment I have been employed as the head of information system for Newham sports Club.I have been requested to prepare a report for the sports club. The topics that I am going to discuss are the benefit, and the development of the system.

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Karimul Islam Characteristics And Sources Of Information Introduction In this assignment I have been employed as the head of information system for (Newham sports Club). The sports club is a leisure centre located in the borough of Newham in east London. Because I am the head of information, I have been requested to prepare a report for the sports club. The topics that I am going to discuss are the benefit, and the development of the system. Validation The information has to be unbiased and demonstrable. In order to have characteristics of good information, it is imperative for data to be valid. Data has to precise and the individual who collects the data is accountable for the accuracy and the quality of data. Example Because the sports club is an organisation that gathers member's details, the sports club has to make sure the data which is collected is accurate and up to date. Without accurate information, the sports club will face many problems such as incorrect address of a member because he/she doesn't live there any more or someone whose membership expired is not in the computer system. Information has to be thoroughly checked before it can be used. Reliability Checking if the information is reliable is another aspect of good quality information. You have to be sure that the source where you're getting the data from has all the factual up to date data. Also you have to make sure, what type of source you should use to get your information. Getting wrong information from fake sources can cause problems. Example of Newham sports club Newham has to make sure what kind of information they collecting and also are they getting the information from a valid reliable source. For example, if you have the monthly sales of three salesmen, by finding the average monthly total using a calculator and a computer calculator over a number of times we can say that the data is reliable. ...read more.


This is because EPOS has all the information about company products Timely * Reception Procedure - The staff at the reception should have information about all the classes and what time it starts, so members in the club can know when a class starts * Office Procedure - Member's bank details should be accessed if they have signed the contract for automatic monthly payments. This can be done so members would not lose track of their monthly payments * Procedures in the shop - if a customer wanted to know when the product expires, the information should be displayed on the product so the customer knows about the product. * Membership application - confidential information about members should be stored in a place that it can be used by employees in the organisation for specific reasons. These reasons may be: if the organisation wants to find out when a members membership expires so they can notify their members Fit for purpose * Reception procedure - details should be fit for purpose, for example when a receptionist asks whether they have any health conditions so they are given the right training and advise * Office procedure - when a member is asked by a staff to give their full address, they should give the right address so letters from the organisation will be sent to the address for any specific reasons, such as membership expiry date * Procedures in the shop - when a member in the club wants to buy a product, he/she have to write the pin numbers down so the transaction can be completed * Membership application - All the information must be valid and used for any purposes, such as emergency telephone numbers or different bank details encase of fraud Cost effectiveness * Reception Procedure - in order to be cost effective, the receptionist must order products from reliable sources where products are good quality and also cheap * Office procedure - to make new changes to the system they are ...read more.


External research can be used by the organisation to collect information about other industries and consumers in order to improve the organisation by making reliable decisions. Newham sports club can give other organisations their information for them to conduct research. If this is done, then other organisation would find information about the business that affects the sports club, such as financial details. Government Sometimes government organisations will need to collect information about organisations in order to fully understand the business. When the information has been collected and reviewed by the government, the sports club can use the information for their own benefit. Newham sports centre will need to send all the information about the business to the government if they need it. This is done so the government is aware what the company is up to, such as obeying laws like treating staff properly and health and safety regulations. Commercially provided Data which is available to the wider public is collected by organisations. The information is used by the organisation so they can process it and then the organisation sells it to anyone who wants to buy it. Commercial information is purely done for profit. Newham does not need commercially provided data because they only get replies from members, such as complaints about the sports centre and why they not satisfied with the club. Databases Many organisation store information for many reasons. On order to store this information, organisation will need to obey the government regulations, such as the data protection 1998 and freedom of information act 2000. Trade Grouping Nearly every trade organisations have formed grouping of business in so as to trade, to persuade others for profit of their trade. This in general takes place inside the matching segment. Newham Sports Club may want to group together with other local sports club, so they can find any gap on how to improve sales and also how to improve the facilities by looking at other sports clubs. ?? ?? ?? ?? Karimul Islam Unit 3 P1 Characteristics and Sources 1 ...read more.

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