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In this assignment I have to investigate two different businesses and compile Case Studies on both of them.

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GNVQ INTERMEDIATE BUSINESS HOW BUSINESS DEVELOPS ASSIGNMENT 1 In this assignment I have to investigate two different businesses and compile Case Studies on both of them. For my first Case Study I have chosen a small business which is a one-person business, and for my second Case Study I have chosen a larger business which is a limited company. Case Study 1 The small business that I have chosen is called French's Fish Shop. It is a Fish and Chip shop, which is based on quayside at Wells-next-the-sea in Norfolk. The shop was purchased on the 25th January 1923 and was the second fish shop owned by William Thomas French and his wife Blanche. The first fish shop was at 23-station road, opposite Barclays bank. W. T. French was the trading name and was started after the First World War. The shops sold wet fish, and fish and chips; their two sons Reginald and Maurice helped them. The reason why I chose French's Fish Shop as my small business is because I thought it would be a good idea to choose a business that is not local and they were the only chip shop with a website (www.frenchs.co.uk) so it was easier and quicker for me to get the company's history. P1 A description of the different types of business ownership and how this affects the position of the owner The person who owns French's Fish shop is a sole trader. A sole trader is sometimes known as sole proprietors, this is the most common form of ownership in the private sector of our economy. Sole traders can be found in the economic activity areas of manufacture, retail and service. Some sole traders choose to work alone whereas others, through choice or necessity, will employ people. The reason why the owner of French's Fish Shop became a sole trader (self-employed) was because * No legal requirements for setting up a one-person business (sole trader). ...read more.


French's Fish Shop generates most of its income from selling fish and chips. Businesses that have one core activity usually decide to move into other areas of activity, which is known as diversification. They can have a natural extension (lateral) of their core activity. This means if French's Fish shop wanted to expand their business they could make their chip shop into a restaurant, or they could choose to conglomerate (unrelated to core business). A business undertakes conglomerate diversification to go into areas of activity that are showing a sign of growth or a demand of the product/services the business supplies starts to fall causing the business to diversify. The activities of my chosen business are growing strongly in the UK. The core activity of my business is expected to grow due to the service my chosen business provides benefits when people have more or extra money to spend. This is called disposable income. This is the amount left over after paying tax, National Insurance and various bills, e.g. gas and electric bills. P4 An explanation of why each business has located where it has An important decision for an owner of a business is to decide where to locate his/her business. The decision that the owner makes is an important one and it can also influence its performance in several ways. Many factors are taken into consideration when choosing the location such as the type, purpose and nature of the business. E.g. Morrison's (supermarket) searching for a new site for their store, would be different or Rover (car manufacturer) considering where to build their new factory. The diagram above shows the factors that need to be considered when choosing a location for a business. There are many factors to consider when locating a new business which all play an important part in successful sale of a product. For some businesses only a few factors will be important. ...read more.


* Retailing, distribution, hotels and catering (including shops, distributive services, inns and pubs, fast-food outlets). The Tertiary Sector is the fastest growing and most diverse sector of the UK employment. This sector is expected to increase in the next few years due to the introduction of new technology. The table below shows the industrial pattern of employment in the UK. 1901 1951 1971 1981 1998 Primary Industries 14.0 9.0 4.5 2.4 1.4 Secondary Industries 39.5 44.1 42.7 34.9 22.6 Tertiary Industries 40.0 47.0 52.8 61.8 76.1 UK employment by sector, 1901-98 The table above shows that most of the working population in the UK are employed in the tertiary sector and there are people working in the primary and secondary sector. In every country the industrial sectors change. In the UK the primary and secondary sectors are declining while the tertiary sector is expanding, this is because big businesses will only produce goods or offer a service if it is in demand so they can make money. This means that if the demand increases for that product or service the industry the product or service is in will start to increase, and more and more people will start to get employed in that sector as it starts to expand which means that many people will start to get employed where they know they will make money. The Graph below shows the industrial pattern of employment in the UK Cafedirect is in the Secondary Sector. The table below show the employment figures for all the industrial sectors within the U.K from 1993-97 Sectors 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 Primary Total primary 623,000 561,000 511,000 498,000 501,000 Secondary Total secondary 4,771,000 4,787,000 4,859,000 4,875,000 4,995,000 Tertiary Total tertiary 16,219,000 16,352,000 16,658,000 16,972,000 17,315,000 Total for all sectors 21,613,000 21,700,000 22,028,000 22,345,000 22,811,000 The table above shows that the number of people employed in the Secondary Sector over the last few years has remained the same and probably would decreases due to the rise in employment in the Tertiary Sector. Umar Saddique Unit 2 - 1 - ...read more.

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